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  • Rockshox dart 3 , any good???
  • cutter

    Some one is selling some dart3 for £20 in mint condition , no scratches and hardly used, they any good ?? And worth £20 , currently using dart 1. And they seem ok but some one said dart 3 are complicated to set up how you want them?? Is this true


    I got some last year as I was running out of cash. I couldn’t afford much else at the time but I really wish I’d saved up and got something better as its a truly poor fork.

    IMO you’re better off spending the same amount on something second hand from this forum


    I would go to the classifieds and see whats on offer, maybe some solo air Recons. Problem is they might cost 120-150 but it would be worth it for a decent fork.

    Have a look here for second hand stuff….


    They are pretty poor in my experience – a step up from the real rubbish entry level bikes come with but not a big step up from another dart, Not sure what else you would get for £20 even second hand however.

    Slightly depends on model year as well, iirc some dart 3’s had magnesium lowers, they could be worth the cash if money is really tight.

    Neil F

    Darts are fine if you expectations are realistic.
    I’ve had two sets on bikes in the past, and my son has a set of my old Dart 2 100mm on his hardtail.
    Probably the best sub £100 entry level fork a few years back.
    For blue graded trail for example, they’d be fine. Anything gnarly or droppy would be a challenge with them on, but they’re certainly worth a shot at £20!


    Cheers for help sounds like ill give them a blast then for that price , i do trails and xc riding so they prob be fine for me then

    Ha, brilliant. Why ask the question if you ignore the majority of the response?


    worth a blast at £20 squids I rekon, cheap n chearfull 😉

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