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    Any good, don’t want to spend a fortune but need some new forks. Upgrading from rock shox judy tt!!

    Get one with motion control damping (302 has less good lockout and rebound damping) and you’ll be reet: performance is similar but heavier than more expensive coil rockshox. The motion control cartridges are pretty reliable, as are the seals, so i wouldn’t shy away from 2nd hand ones, you will find recons for the price of new 302’s which have slippier stanchions and weigh a smidge less.

    Or find some 04/05 100mm marzocchi mx comp/mx pro which are also right good for similar money.

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    They’re good forks, bit on the heavy side but not cripplingly so – function well, similar to pricier rockshox like Julian says – just maybe take a bit more time to settle down after a big hit.

    Secondhand ones go for about £50 or £60 I think, a bargain at that price.

    Got a 302 UTurn

    It boing and damps well for the money. It takes 50 miles or so to loosen up.

    It feels tough but is heavy and makes the bike front-heavy which is good for pointing and blundering though. I find a pulling the front wheel up hard to impossible (I’m jey).


    Like Buzz says they take a few miles to loosen up, but they’re surprisingly good for the money.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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