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  • There won’t be much oil in the lowers are that’s only there as a lubricant & not damping.
    You need to drop the oil & internals out of the stanchions, inspect & possibly replace (depending on how far you’re going) the seals & refill with correct weight volume of oil


    Someone told me that my new 2012 SID 29er forks where a doddle to service so I thought I would give it a go.

    After a few false starts I now have the lower legs off.
    I have downloaded the servicing instructions but they are a bit vague on what I am actually going to do. They go into lots of scary detail but an overview would be nice.

    So what does a basic service entail?
    Is it just taking the lower legs off. Checking the seals and changing the oil in the lower legs?

    Stanchions and top stuff looks good.

    Couple of observations. Lower legs were oily but only a few drops of oil actually came out. Foam rings don’t look too dirty but they look like they are twisted over. Do I have to change them?

    I now have to get some 15wt oil to put back in the lower legs.


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    Seals last a long time… My regime is just drain out, clean seals and have a look for any obvious damage, smear them with judy butter, refit then add oil. Oh, rockshox don’t seem to put much oil in their forks from new. damper service is more involved.


    They need the lowers servicing regulary, due to the small amount of oil in the lowers, to keep them tip top 😉


    All looks good so I put the lowers back on with new oil. I was a bit worried as I have had to replace the headset and BB bearings and thought that the forks would need some TLC as well.


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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