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  • Rock Shox Shock pump non compatible..
  • I recently bought some Sektor Solo Air 150 mm travel forks. I set them up using a shock pump I had and left the supplied pump in the box. Since initial set up, I gave my old shock pump away since I had a shiny new oneoin the box. Except the new one seems to have a longer barrel and even when screwed on fully does not engage with the valve. This isn’t user error. Anyone else have this issue?

    I think I’ve had issues witha RS pump and marzocchis in the past, so not unlikely 🙁

    Anyone have an email contact for SRAM as Chain Reaction don’t seem terribly interested.
    Basically it just needs the hose replacing, so if I can source one of those it’ll be fine. Bit dissapointed with CRC though. their customer service used to be really on the ball. 🙁


    Are you sure its a problem with the pump, not the pin seated too far in on the schraeder valve on the fork?

    I ask cos that was the problem with my brand new Fox shock. Some pumps could depress it, others couldn’t reach the pin cos it was screwed in too far.

    LBS said it was an extra special high pressure schraeder valve with special oil resistant rubber seals, so shock had to be sent away to Fox service centre for a replacement valve.

    Having been the victim of their misinformation before, I emailed Fox service in the US and they told me any old schraeder valve core from a spare inner tube or an auto store would do.

    So, I removed valve core with a nifty little tool from auto parts store (although you could just about do it with a pair of tweezers or a tiny pair of needle nosed pliers – but let the air out first!!), and fitted new one from a spare inner tube, and never had a problem since…


    Had the same problem on a new RS pump that came with my brothers Recons. My Marzocchi pump worked fine but it seemed with the RS pump that the valve actuator (what ever the proper name for that might be!) was further in the barrel compared to the Marzocchi pump.

    Think we tried the RS pump on some different forks and had the same problem so thought the problem was with the pump and sent it back.

    It was replaced by Winstanleys in the end.

    Thanks guys. I got to work with a vernier and the pumps that work have the centre at just a hair over 5 mm. the supplied pump sits at 6.82 mm. It also has a longer barrel. CRC have now offered a replacement. Perth what you say makes sense but the none functional pump has reach reduced by at least 1.8 mm. I’ll try the non functional on my revelations, manitou and marzocci forks for a thorough test. Cheers

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