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  • Rock Shox Reverb Reliability issues…
  • I bought a Reverb in January and it’s bust already, it’s needed bleeding twice and now lost all of it’s pressure an hisses like a pissed of cat when I try and re-pressurise it.

    I know four people who’ve bought one and all four have had various problems. Has anyone else had problems too??

    I’d like to say ‘typical american product – “how quick can we get it to the market instead of we’ll take it to the market when it’s ready” but RS supposedly dithered for ages in entering the race for dropper posts late as they wanted to storm the market with a superlative product 🙄 😈


    Oh dear, really hoped this was going to be worth buying. Think I’ll wait…


    Thats me waiting as well then……………….


    It looks like a very nice post, I wonder what percentage of them are faulty and if they can be repaired, might be able to pick up one cheaply and play about with it.


    Huh and I just bought my second one for the other bike.

    Had mine 2 months,no issues so far,though i did have to bleed it from new,as a few folk have.
    There is a little play,but it hasn’t worsened since the first ride.


    Typical of SRAM/Rock Shox, produce a new and untested poorly assembled part and release it for public testing for 12 months whilst simultaniously paying for serious advertising space in the UK mags so they will score the product 10/10. Then after 12 months of warranty returns and complaints, fix the problems and re-release it with almost un-noticable changes and new stickers.

    Send it to TF Tuned, they will make it work properly, reliably and how it should have worked in the first place!

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    Bit premature for that sort of demolition wouldn’t you say? Most user reviews have been positive. And it’s hardly typical of Rockshox either- apart from the very early 2010 Rev u-turns and the dreaded 2-step Lyriks what items has that happened with lately?

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    Yes, it does seem a bit harsh. There are enough different seatposts out there with significant reliability issues to suggest it isn’t an entirely simple design problem.

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    I had a similar issue on Sunday. Post wouldn’t come back up, press the lever and pull it it came up, but then waggled about. I tried putting air in it but it was leaking – stick teh end of teh piost in a bucket and it blew bubbles.

    I took the post apart and found (mud and water inside…) that the bottom silver end of the top shaft had come slightly unscrewed allowing the o-ring air seal to burb air. I stripped it all, clean it and rebuilt it (with a touch of liquid PTFE and threadlock in appropriate places) and its all lovely and smooth again and working fine.

    I guess RS need to loctite the silver end thing in in future.


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    apart from the very early 2010 Rev u-turns and the dreaded 2-step Lyriks what items has that happened with lately?

    Totem seals were rubbish until 2009 or 2010. Rev maxle 2009s were well shonky. 2009 Reba Team came with no oil in.

    I still buy RS stuff though, because it’s great once it’s been fixed. More than half the forks I’ve bought have gone back under warranty.


    Hmmm.. i was planning on buying one of these as soon as I could raise the funds 🙁

    Is there anything better on the market then?


    Yes a bit too harsh really. Don’t get me wrong I am a huge fan of Rock Shox but the 5 sets of rock Shox forks I have owned in the past 3 years have all required warranty return or tweaking to make them work correctly and reliably. Suspension experts will confirm that they are poorly assembled and require attention to make them perform. These days I buy them straight from TF and as a result suffer zero issues. As for SRAM well after 4 rear mechs and 3 sets of disk brakes replaced under warranty I am left with the impression that they are poorly designed, tested and assembled.


    Mine has been spot on so far, however i have probably just cursed it..

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    Add mine to the list of failed Reverbs. just today at Gisburn. went down and wouldnt stay up
    damn tiring pedaling with it down .

    CRC warranty Dept about to get a call .

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