Rock Shox 302 Solo Air. 120mm travel, with lockout.

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  • Rock Shox 302 Solo Air. 120mm travel, with lockout.
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    They’ve just been taken off my hardtail, and are 18 months old

    What can you say about them. Ubiquitous on the type of bikes so spurned by the average STW’er, far-from-featherlight, but totally bombproof, and made to accommodate that most unfashionable of archaic technological cul-de-sacs – the 26” wheel. To be honest; I’m almost too embarrassed to advertise them. It gets worse. So If you’re already feeling yourself getting upset, angry, or worse: you’re pitying me, then best stop reading now. I have something to say that will horrify you…..

    Deep breaths…. They’re a 1 1/8th steerer. I know. The shame! So none of this new-fangled tapered nonsense. And they won’t even take any of those fancy-dan bolt through axle things. In 15 or 20mm flavour. Its QR only I’m afraid. Remember them? Anyone younger may want to ask their dad. Watch him go misty eyed

    Anyway…. for something owned by me, they’re in incredibly good nick. Alarmingly so even. But then they are made from leftover bits of road bridge, so maybe that’s no surprise. And I’m a right mincer. So even less surprise. No marks on the stanchions. Probably as they look like they came out of a Chevrolet factory, circa 1952. You’d need an angle grinder to make an impact on them! The lowers are pretty much unmarked. A bit of cable rub, as you’d expect, but nowt worth talking about. The stickers are even all intact.

    The crown has got a spot of cable rub, as you can see on the pictures. And a bit of a scrape on one side. As you can also see from the pictures. I did meant to re-route the cables, but then there are all manner of things I meant to do that I never got round too. The implications of this one were far less serious than some of the others, I can tell you!

    More importantly; they don’t leak. Oil or air. They really are a cracking set of forks. Reliable and reassuringly unglamorous. And they’re white. Which is all virginal and lovely. And better than black forks. Which are eeeeevil! And will make you fall off. Seriously!

    The Steerer is 205mm.

    £60.00 posted, to you guv. Less if you want to pick them up in east Lancs. Which would probably be a damn site easier. They’ll probably cost £60 to post, they’re that heavy

    Any-road-up, check ’em out….

    Tora forks by binlidski, on Flickr

    Tora forks by binlidski, on Flickr

    Tora 2 by binlidski, on Flickr

    I’ll even include an action shot of where they spent most of their life….

    Untitled by binlidski, on Flickr


    Perfect. Need to build a bike for a friend’s kid’s birthday and these will fit the bill. Please may I take these of your hands so that you can live a life free from the embarrassment of owning them?


    Can I have them please for £60 posted, dependent on length of the steerer, need to be longer than 190

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    Jules was in there first Lester. Sorry.

    Jules – if you email me (address in profile). I’ll get them winging their way to you. I’d love to able to say I could hold my head up in public now, but, alas, I’ve replaced them with a lighter version of the same. No tapered frame. No bolt through. My shame is truly eternal


    no probs
    i should have typed quicker lol

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