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  • Robbing Bastids at work again…
  • baldiebenty
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    Medium 2017 Whyte G160S
    Green with non-standard Fox DPX2 rear suspension and Shimano Saint SPD pedals.
    Vorsprung Luftkappe sticker wrapped around downtube just above rear suspension unit.
    It was also still very dirty from my last ride.
    Absolute black Chain guide and bashguard
    200mm front brake disc with Green anodised carrier
    Front brake is a Guide RS.
    Handlebar is a 760mm Renthal Fatbar
    Grips are DMR deathgrips in Camo colour
    Front Maxxis DHF With DoubleDown casing and MaxxGrip tread
    Rear, Specialized downhill, wire beaded tyre.
    Front and rear proguard mudguards
    Black Electrical tape applied to chain stay on left side
    Black Self-Amalgamating tape applied to chain stay on right hand side.
    Cut inner tube used to prevent cable ties on rear mudguard scratching frame.

    Black Specialized Rumour – XS (2017?)
    Red Uberbikes handgrips
    Missing section of paint near bottom bracket

    Green Medium Marin Hawkhill 2 – 2018
    Ours has a long ProGuard mudguard on the front and black Nukeproof flat pedals.
    Rear gear shifter cable is cable tied to the chainstay

    Calibre Bossnut
    Has had a Hydraulic Reverb dropper post and green raceface handgrips added.
    When stolen had no pedals
    Hussefelt – Black stem for handlebars

    If I ever figure out where to host and how to embed photos I’ll add some photos of the Rumour and G160S

    Luckily they’re insured but I’ll have to wait with baited breath to see what the insurance offers me from the Wheelies catalogue.
    Unfortunately the insurance doesn’t cover the cost of securing the garage as it turns out that it’s a piece of cake to get into.

    Suggestions for locks, alarms and methods of removing attempted thieves body parts without incurring legal jeopardy welcome.
    Is the Hiplok airlok any good?
    Need a decent garage door defender for an up and over door

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    That sucks.

    I got rid of my up n over for that reason. If you need to keep it look at putting locks on on the corners

    Put a couple of ground anchors in.

    Also alarm with a siren in the garage a strobe would also help.

    Just got to make it hard work.

    Oh and lockable tool cabinets don’t leave anything useful out.

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    Good point about locking the tools away.
    I hadn’t considered the fact that the garage is full of tools that they could then use.

    Although in this case they just took the bikes and left everything else untouched, got to think we were targeted somehow as none of the surrounding garages were touched, Probably because the bike carrier was still on the back of the car.

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    Specialized Rumour

    I wonder if that worked??!?!

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    Put bike stickers on your neighbors garage doors. Beef up security with a Big ground anchor, at least a 16mm chain, squire closed shackle padlock.
    Or move your best bike indoors if possible.

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    I think you got it in your earlier post, but try to avoid leaving bike carriers on your car as they hint that you might have some bikes worth stealing nearby. People rarely need to transport clunker pub bikes. A bike carrier suggests a bike worth taking somewhere to ride.
    Hopefully you have some luck with insurance and the gits are caught.

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    How long until people are so bored and pissed with this that people start standing up and sorting it themselves?


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    Luckily they’re insured but I’ll have to wait with baited breath to see what the insurance offers me from the Wheelies catalogue.

    you can take the cash value, especially if wheelie can source like for like. they did for me & I didn’t have to pay any “admin” fee, just cash value less excess

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    Buy an estate car and hide the bike inside it.

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    Certainly add locks to the up and over – there are 4 additional locks on mine. Two ‘hidden’ shoot bolts on bottom corners, shoot bolt in middle bottom, and a big hasp lock with a shipping container padlock near the top.

    Make it hard and ‘noisy’ to get in.

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    Gamekeepers landmines if you can trust legitimate users not to set them off.

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    Didn’t take them long to bust our roller door and the alarm didn’t deter them. New door was a recommendation. Everything else is beefed up including one of these

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    As for the how did they know where you lived.. Strava?/social media.. Or plan and simple followed home..
    I had two break ins.. second time I think I was followed home..

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    I had one of these outside in our back garden, from my experience they are pretty thief proof.

    You could put one inside the garage?

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    Bar or beam across behind the garage door and a ground anchor with a beefy chain

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    @rmacattack above: fully agree with your view but you can be guaranteed that prosecution will result – from police/cps who do less than truck all when cyclists are injured or killed in RTAs.

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    Police don’t even bother coming out.
    You can be sure that if I did get chance to retaliate against them they would lock me up, I’m easy too find.

    Strava I use but I’m not exactly “known” and I tend to keep on eye on my mirrors when heading home, I’m a bit paranoid about that.
    I’ll certainly be going through the suggestions, especially the land mines.

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    Jeez I’m sorry man. I’ll keep alook out and check all the sale sites I know.
    Good luck

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    I know someone that’s used the ‘alarm mine’ it worked – thief left a fair amount of ‘DNA’ on the chainring – i.e. jumped and cut himself badly.

    I personally wouldn’t have one as the family access the garage occasionally.

    Sorry about the theft, that’s a fair old ‘haul’ they have had. Neighbours lost a number of ‘race’ BMX’s and a decent DH MTB as the buggers went through his garage roof.

    I’ve had two attempts on my garage – on was a bunch of kids on a moped – tried to jemmy the up and over but they were real amateurs – made loads of noise and our bedroom overlooks it. Second, someone had spent considerable time removing the glass from the side window. It’s only a wooden window, but they carefully removed the beading and took the glass out intact. The window is secondary glazed with polycarbonate – they broke a corner to get a peek inside, but the window is barred with big ‘roofing straps’ and would need some cutting equipment to get through them.

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    Where did this happen?

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    Kingsway near Gloucester.

    Also discovered you can get claymore mines from paintball supplies places.

    Ok it’ll cover everything else in the garage but it’d be worth it.

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