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  • roadside recovery deals
  • Premier Icon poolman
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    Anyone got any tips for buying a car recovery service – like AA, RAC, Greenflag etc.

    What has anyone paid for a new contract with onward travel? how do I get a good deal? I am abroad so don’t see the ads in the saturday papers with the opening discounts.

    Any help, advice appreciated, its a 9 year old car I will be driving if its important.

    Premier Icon wafty
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    I’ve recently joined Auto Aid
    It’s a pay then claim scheme..£38 per year for 2 cars
    Initially recommended via the moneysaving expert website.

    Premier Icon BenjiM
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    You could try via Topcashback. The AA have a number of deals for cash back on.

    Premier Icon poolman
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    thanks for the autoaid link – I did read about it on Do you have to nominate the car in the application? ie, you aren’t covered if you drive another non nominated car?

    are the cashback deals on aa actually paid? brings the price down alot.

    thanks in advance

    Premier Icon Simon
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    I’ve had cashback for AA, RAC and Greenflag paid through Quidco but it takes a few months.

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    Premier Icon bruneep
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    Rac via tesco clubcard

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    Could not recommend autoaid enough. It’s you the policy covers, no particular car. You can be a passenger in your mates car and your covered!

    I’ve successfully used it 4 or 5 times now, claimed the money back each time and got it within 2 weeks. Only downside is your down cash during that period, but it cost so much less that that’s not really a problem.

    Tbh, I don’t know how they make money with it!

    Premier Icon jonyb
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    try GEM
    you pay for the recovery and then claim it back.
    cheap premiums.
    award winners.

    Premier Icon fubar
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    Topcashback,…RAC (paid after a few months)

    Premier Icon crashtestmonkey
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    +1 bruneep, if you get clubcard points then like most other “partner” deals (rather than spending in-store) you get triple the value (was quadruple back in the day).

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