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  • prezet

    Thinking of a new commuter build. I’ve been using a Genesis Equilibrium for the past few years which has been great. However this year suffered a bit of a shoulder injury and the the riding position is no longer suiting me. Recently I’ve been using my 29er hardtail instead as I’m finding it a bit more comfortable with the upright position.

    So, been thinking that a Roadrat might be a good compromise. Slicks, full length guards etc with flat bars and a mtb style position might work quite well. Has anyone else owned one? Thought it was the dogs danglies or not so good? Or are there any alternatives worth considering?

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    I’ve had one, but wasn’t keen on it. Not sure why tbh, just didn’t gel. Had an escapade and liked that though. Best commuter bike I’ve owned is a Genesis Day One. Not sure if you can get a flatbar version or something close though.


    I’ve had one, but wasn’t keen on it. Not sure why tbh, just didn’t gel

    This was my experience too. I was a big fan of the MTBs, was excited to build it up but as soon as I threw my leg over it I just hated it. Hard to say why, it just wasn’t for me. See if you can try one though, the Roadrat’s got plenty of fans. The integrated mech hanger/chaintug idea was daft, I hope they’ve dropped that at least!


    I’ve got a roadie mate who hated his Roadrat. He said the forks were horrible. I’m not sure how a rigid road fork can be so bad but I know a couple of people who have switched to carbon and report much improvement.

    I’m also a Cotic mtb rider and was browsing Roadrat’s and Escapade’s but he put me off. He loves his Specialized AWOL though. I like the look of the Kona Sutra.


    Well that is exactly what the RR is for. I really like mine – got it in pub bike/gravel bike config at the mo – drop bars (with short stem), Tiagra drive train, BB7 brakes, 35C tyres. Rides great, efficient enough for long rides, but rugged and quite relaxed too, not as twitchy as a proper road bike. Keep meaning to put some mudguards and panniers on for winter commuting, but never seem to get round to it. The horizontal dropouts and combined mech hangar/chain tug is indeed a PITA, but I think the latest ones have proper mech hangers.

    I guess alot of this is personal preference in terms of if you like the way it rides, I like the way it rides, very much an MTB feel with all the benefits of a road bike too and it is a properly rugged bike, so when you’re on a rough trail I have no worries about riding over rough rocks or even small drops.

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    I had an Escapade, which I ran with drop bars (as intended) and (in its last incarnation) with flats.

    The Surly Ogre that replaced it is a lot heavier and only really happy when loaded with luggage. I’d imagine that the Roadrat would be the opposite.

    If for any reason I needed to replace my Ogre now, the Roadrat and Escapade would be top of my list.

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    i had a flat bar SS roadrat with V brakes, for short (10 mile round trip) commutes a few years ago. it was absolutely perfect for it, i thought. as maintenance-free as it gets, nice steel frame and on 28mm marathon plus rubber i never had a single puncture in 3 years of riding it in grim south manchester roads.

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    I’ve ran one for years as my daily commuter. Full guards, pannier rack, singlespeed. Use it for my off road commute all year round. Done literally 1000’s of miles on it. Can’t fault it at all.


    I like mine- original model, at least third hand to me from Northwind of this parish.

    I’ve used it flat barred, drop barred and it’s currently got woodchippers on it. Mostly run as a singlespeed for commuting but it’s had gears on it now and then to go touring. Tyres vary from 28s to 40s with need.

    It is very much a jack of all trades, but also very much a master or none- i think cotic nailed it with the original slogan of it being for everything but mountain biking. You could build it as a cross bike but I wouldn’t want to race it, a tourer provided you don’t overload it or a road bike if you’re looking for a cruiser rather than a crit bike. I like mine somewhere in the middle.

    The old fork is brutally stiff though. I thought they’d lightened up the tubing on the new ones.

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    I had mine for many years, loved it, sold it and now buying a new one


    Thanks all. Worth considering then. Might see if I can find a local with one I can try to have a spin on.


    The RR I had wasn’t especially upright position but I guess neither are some MTBs. I find the Whyte (shorditch) much more more MTB stylie and fun to ride round town.

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    Love mine, run it with drops as commuter, tourer, winter road bike and still bike I’ve put most milage on, over 5000 since started using strava 3 years ago, and owned it for 3 before that. Not best thing in the world with loads of luggage, and rear dropouts can be slight pain with hanger/tug design of old. Run with 42c marathons down the 28c duranos and works great with all.

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    I am just in the process of returning mine to standard format for sale- its a Large Alfine 8 version I used for a year for commuting. Great bike, but now unused.

    In great condition- has mudguards and rack fitted, and brakes have been upgraded to Shimano Deore Hydro’s.

    Shout if interested.


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