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  • carbon337

    Im looking at booking up early for a training camp in March or April. Howevere I dont want a sportive related one Im looking for something more performance orientated.

    Not fussed on accomodation so the prioroties are more around increasing perfromance for racing.

    Im cat 3 level and ideally would like to be involved in a team but as there are non local to me I train alone and make race alegences with other teams as the races progress.

    Ideally an organised camp with perormance coaching combined with evening massage and lectures/discussions on technique/nutrition etc.

    Ive had a google and it throws a few up but more seem to be orientated for the middle aged man in lycra doing the 100m sportive thing.


    I have been on Legros training camp the last 2 years in April.

    It is split down into about 4 ability groups, you sound like you would be suited to group 1 who go out and ride pretty hard most days.

    Dave Legro is always available to chat about any aspect of bike racing. This year SiS supplied nutrition for the groups and tailored it to the riders requirements and had a rep provide a very good seminar on nutrition with q and a sessions.

    Massages are available every day.

    The training weeks are designed well so that recovery rides are included. Also you can dip in and out of different groups depending on how you are feeling. There is also a sprint group if you want to join them for the odd day to learn some great sprint training techniques.


    That sounds pretty much spot on JustRide



    Not answering your original thread but have you tried Breeze Bikes for a team. They have a team who regularly turn out for local races and are in Amble.

    There are so many teams in the NE I’m suprised you can’t find someone but I suppose most are based closer to Newcastle.


    jonba thanks thats who i ride with anyway – we are more a club than a race team.

    Im the only racer in the club 🙁

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