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  • Roadies don't like MTBers, MTBers don't like roadies. Now this!!!!
  • A lad down the pub rides downhill – he's shit apparently – and started slating the trail riders at Cwmcarn. Then sneers at me for doing the odd bit of XC.

    What the f*** is with that? I like to do a bit of it all – just traded my Stumpy and Patriot FR in for one do-it-all-er. Is he just a trendy c***?


    He's just a c***.

    yes, sounds like he is. who gives a crap what you ride as long as your having fun when you do it. shame to let the patriot go though.

    He looks a bit like Michael Macintyre too. Which is unfortunate.


    If he looks like Michael McIntyre and speaks what he speaks he must be a c&*^t!
    What you now got as your all rounder out of interest?

    I got an Orange Alpine, with Talas's. I know some will probably say it's a bit much, but I've actually fallen in love with it. I'm still surprised how light it is for a fairly burly bit of kit too.

    Probably just found out about his mum and me! 😉 :mrgreen:

    Probably just found out about his mum and me!

    I don't get it 😳


    Only one way to sort it (if you're sure he's sh*t), challenge him!

    I might be wrong. Best not risk it.

    Ignore the ****t.


    Nice Alpine 160 tis what my idea of a do it all bike is and funnily enough what I fancy come retirement time.


    Sounds like the BMW owner issue to me. You do rip the p*ss out of other biking disciplines in a fun way like the rugby banter bewteen Wales and England but DHers can be quite bad at times but those ones are normally class A c*cks


    Lots of top DH riders also ride XC and even road too!!! its all riding! Ms Atherton got her injury this year from a crash sustained while training on the road…doesn't matter what you ride just enjoy it. i would leave him to his own predjudice. Doesnt sound like he is enjoying biking much anyway! There are too many people trying to judge or compete with others…


    Pity the Fool!


    Go and hand his arse to him on a plate on a shit bike. it's why i have shit bikes. shit bikes rock.


    ha, try riding xc at aston hill. Alot of the regulars are a right bunch of opinionated toss#ers.

    People are wierd.


    Have ou tried overtaking him on a DH route? Nothing more satisfying than doing that. Wear full lycra too… adds to the comedy value!!

    Me in lycra? That would be a lot of comedy value. Have you ever seen a spider monkey dressed as a wrestler?

    You get knobs in all disciplines. Was messing about on the jumps at glentress a while ago and heard some fat bloke saying as he rode past on the fire road at the top 'thats not real bike riding is it…' loud enough that he obviously meant us to hear it. Had to laugh, any one of us would have kicked his ass at 'real bike riding'


    If he looks like Mike Mc & talks sh1te are you sure it isnt him?


    I ride bicycles some road and some off road.

    I nod to all. Not everyone nods back lol 😉

    Not all roadies hate mtb'ers and vice versa.

    I think you'll find that there's a big crossover between the people that do road/ cyclocross/ proper xc racing but the big gulf is between them and the allmountain/ downhill type crowd.
    Its all bikes though…


    I dunno about that – most of not all the people I know who ride dh also have road bikes and xc bikes.

    grumm, I was talking about the race circuit, you'll usually see the same anorexic faces at all three events, but you'll not see an elite xc rider at a downhill event, or vice-versa


    wouldn't worry too much – doesn't sound like someone you'd want to have anything to do with anyway, him being a tosser and all.

    Premier Icon colnagokid

    langy's got it right. Let the guy get upset, just do your own thing amd dont worry about the c ck end

    Premier Icon Driller

    I must be on the wrong forum. I'll log out and check!


    funny you should say that i live in blackwood which is right next to cwmcarn which means i ride there a lot. saturday morning i done a lap then thought i would cycle back up the road to the DH road gap and watch a few DH on their big rigs hit the jumps but to my amazment 8 riders turned left and i quote "we also do that drop but we will miss it today" bollo*s!! lol seconds later to XC boys road down straight of the rock section and down. pusseys in armour!!


    I took the skinny tyre commute bike out for a gentle spin on the road late last summer and on my way past the entrance to the local woods a bunch of expensive bouncey-bike pushing body-armoured teenagers started shouting abuse from the pavement.

    I rode on without biting. I mean, how were they know that ten years previous I was building the trails they'd just been riding?


    Roadies don't like MTBers, MTBers don't like roadies
    this is news to me…

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    +1 for AndyP
    we are all cyclists after all

    Mister P

    And threads like this really help to promote cycling as a friendly sport.


    Didn't Steve Peat once say in an interview that he was out for a training ride on his road bike and he passed a load of mountain bikers who not realising who he was, started taking the piss out of him for being a roadie?

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    Out yesterday and all but one roadie cyclist smiled/nodded/laughed with the 4 blokes covered in shite. The only miserable sod was the roadie having a snack by the side of the road who looked blankly at me as we rode past saying 'hello'.

    **** 'im, he'll be a prat in the rest of his life as well i suspect.

    I had a road bike a while ago. Sold it 'cos I nearly got knocked off a few times in a couple of weeks. That's an extreme sport. I nod to 'em all, doesn't always get a reaction, but hey, I tried.


    just slap the C*** hard,all he deserves 😀

    mr frosty

    Yeh a trendy c##t.


    Its like motorbiking loads of different cliques.

    Two wheels good I reckon.

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