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  • Premier Icon jimmers

    Got the all clear from credit control (the lady indoors) to buy myself some wheels.

    Got Shimano R500s at the moment that came with the bike.

    Shimano RS80s are going for £299 from the Ribble at the moment.

    Looking for lightweight wheels rather than deep section TT specials.

    Anything else worth considering that under £350 before I order?

    Thanks in advance.



    Just got a pair of these:

    Best price I’ve found recently. It was between the Fulcrums and the RS80s for me.

    esher shore


    check out the “hope hoops” option too

    Hope hubs on Mavic Open Pro rims with Sapim double-butted spokes and brass nipples

    great price, light enough for fast riding but also have an excellent durability (especially for potholed roads and wet weather / road salt) and very cost effective to repair / service using regular spokes / nipples and Hope hub parts available from pretty much any UK bike shop

    Premier Icon jimmers

    Cheers all. Had a look at the Fulcrum 3 vs RS80. Will probably order the RS80s due to no weight limit and reviews from searching on other forums.

    8:16 SP Wheelset – Stans Alpha340 at Superstar Components; that is a crazy light wheelset for £280. Only one review on the site. Total bling over the Shimanos or the Fulcrums. Good luck. Mac


    I’ve got some Stans Alpha340 rims there are two spokes making a bid for freedom through the rims. I wouldn’t bother again.


    I have RS80’s and I recently pinged a spoke on them. I love them to bits, but for my current weight (105kg TBH ) i think I’m a little on the heavy side for them. That being said, I really rate them as a wheel set and if your weight is reasonable, then I would buy them again.

    Recently ponied up a similar amount for a set of Hope hubs laced onto Mavic CXP33 doodahs. Very pleased with them so far. Yeah, they are heavier, but much happier about their strength given my current weight.


    Does anybody ever HATE a set of wheels?

    (The worst I’ve ever experienced were the “made of cheese” original wheels on the Triban 3, a replacement front wheel was £25 from Decathlon – says it all, really!)

    Edric 64

    Its a a 300 quid bike so that might be expected

    Premier Icon TomB

    I’m still pondering, leaning now towards handbuilt rather than factory wheelsets. A lot of good suggestions for novatec hubs and velocity a23 rims, or equivalent (eg Race 23 on Wheelsmith branded hubs at Wheelsmith), people seem to recommend JustRidingAlong, Strada, Wheelsmith etc.


    Got some Hope Hoops on mine with Open pro’s and have been faultless so far. I am a bit on the chunky side.

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)

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