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  • Roadie tops with long short sleeves
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    Please excuse the slightly confusing title.

    After a new roadie top or 2 and am having a small challenge finding the right cut.

    Basically, I’m tall and skinny (6’5″, 75kg ish) and have nothing that even vaguely resembles biceps. So I want a suitably slim fitting jersey with short sleeves, but sleeves that are snug and quite long, down to not far from the elbow.

    I also don’t want to spend silly money (under £50 would be good).

    Any suggestions from people of similar stature (don’t say “eat more pies”, I do that already!).

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    Galibier are the only cheap jerseys with elbow length sleeves I know of.

    Nicer – endura pro SL

    Really nice – castelli free aero or rapha pro team aero (much as you complain, the colours and simplicity makes them lovely?

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    Galibier are good jerseys, got a few of them, but for the extra bit I find rapha core jerseys are better.

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    Hmm, Galibier were my first thought but there’s nothing on their site I really like. I don’t really like Rapha stuff, had a few jerseys and never liked the cut for some reason.

    This from DHB looks promising,

    As does this,

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    I’ve not got their tops but Sundried shorts have been comfortable for me, and the top loko slike what you need?
    try “20Pc” for a 20% discount. “FITPIXIE” used to give 50% discount but may have expired

    Lusso may be worth a look too

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    Seems to be the fashion these days. I just bought an Endura FS260 s/s jersey, and it’s fantastic – with long short sleeves as you describe – and the length is ok on me but I’m only 180cm. I don’t know if there’s a tall option.

    Modern Endura roadie stuff is every bit as good as the everyday Assos range, if not better.

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    TIC, have a look at their sale items just above your budget

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    Also very impressed with the Van Rysel (Decathlon) tops. It’s the Belgium inspired road cycling top if that helps. There’s a blue and a burgundy version. £50ish

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    The Rapha Pro Team kit, and particularly the Aero kit has quite long sleeves – but it ain’t cheap…like £145 a jersey so unless you can find some uber deals I guess this info is useless

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    Long short sleeves are all the rage here in Spain. Try Gobik, I have a couple of CX range tops and they really are top quality. Siroko also do similar at lower prices but not so well finished. You probably need to size up one size unless you’re really rake thin.
    Gobik shirts

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    Le Col (with the ever present strava discount), I haven’t got any of their jerseys, but judging by the sleeve length on the base layers they must have decent coverage as the only short sleeve jersey I can wear over them is my Rapha Brevet one (which I was going to recommend until I saw you’d already ruled them out!)

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    Le col sleeves aren’t particularly long… plus i find the jerseys a bit short in the body and I’m only 5 10 ish… plus the pockets are quite high up so you’d probably need to dislocate an elbow to get in one if you’ve got long arms😉

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    You’d be in a medium I’d guess with your build.

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    The Stolen Goat with the laser cut sleeves are long in the arm, and pretty clingy.

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    La Passione (though Rapha Pro Team Aero are the longest)

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