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  • tinribz

    Can’t see why not, infact replaced a eight with an slx nine speed cassette from the spares bin the other day, worked fine, although it had downtube shifters.


    Should be fine, but sometimes the chain / mech can only accomodate small cassettes – I.e. putting a big MTB 11-36 Megarange cassette on may not work well.

    Premier Icon scaredypants

    campagnolo-fit prob won’t work but these are minority (not certain that this is true for 8sp but is for newer stuff). Just be sure to read the blurb

    ….that’s not really that ‘tech’.

    Have acquired an old Trek road bike. Need to change the cassette and chain. Shimano 8 speed. Any 8 speed will do yes? It’s a bit of a Frankenbike but I know it’s pretty much all Shimano where it might matter.



    Any shimano compatible 8 speed cassette that’s not too big will work, any 8 speed chain too.

    Suspected any 8 speed would do. Refreshingly cheap as well. Bonus. Who needs 11?

    Bought an 8-speed. 12-23, mmmm. Not great for hills.
    Does anyone know if the Sunrace 11-28 or 32 will work?
    Have found them on ebay but can’t get the link to work.
    Be nice to have the option of a few more teeth….!


    Not knowing the components, and assuming a standard road mechh I would guess that 11-28 might work, but probably not the 32.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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