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    I have set of these that I’m very happy with..

    Had read the horror story’s and with so much choice these were recommended and have been faultless £430 shipped+ £30 customs

    Or these are the cheapest handbuilts I’ve found(I have set of open pro/hope pro 3 .. Cracking wheel set for £280 🙂


    If it was my money and assuming you have a shimano group set. I would go old school and get Dura-ace hubs, cx ray spokes and Ambrosio excellights.

    Granted they don’t have any aero benefits but they are smooth, reliable and work, and worst case should you break a spoke almost any bike shop in the world will have something to hand.


    Having broke 2 spokes on a ride today and the freehub noise getting worse looks like I’m needing a new road wheelset. Currently riding on the giant p-sl1 wheels that come stock on the giant defy comp 1. Looking for wheels that are light, have some aero benefits and also are easily serviceable. Like the look of the American classic 420 aero 3’s but people keep mentioning handbuilts. What is everyone’s opinions? Any suggestions?

    I’m a 60kgs so relatively light and will be used on rolling terrain, live in the North east close to the NYM. Budget would be around 500-600, but if something floats my boat a little above or below then I don’t mind.


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    I’ve got the American classics. I think they are great wheels. Easily stiff enough for someone your weight and excellent value for a wheel with decent aero properties.


    Thanks for the replies. Much debate and research is needed.


    Just about to build some new road wheels and going for stans road hubs and 28 spokes
    Prob revs
    And stans alpha rims I think but still unsure

    Normal spokes and plenty of them can’t be doing with odd things

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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