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  • Road wheels for £150 ish?
  • Premier Icon johni
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    Hi All,

    Despite being a mountain biker, I’ve also got a Boardman Team C Ltd Edition I use on the road. I do 2-3 short rides 20-30km per week and a few 100-160km sportives.

    Last night whilst doing about 40mph I had a rear wheel “explosion” punction and destroyed the rear wheel rim.

    I’ve been considering a new set of wheels but wondered if I could get anything decent for ~£150? If so what?

    I’m looking for lighter than the current stock wheels Mavic CXP 22 but still fairly sturdy. I do a lot of climbing and descending on the rough roads around Pendle.

    Any suggestions from the STW experts please?


    Premier Icon jimc101
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    A similar Question was asked a few days ago, answer your question

    How old is your bike, and is there any warranty to be had on your failed wheel?

    Premier Icon deviant
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    Dont laugh…


    There i said it….seriously though, their road wheels are good, mine were a little more than your budget (£160-ish i think), they have a 30mm rim, cartridge bearings, non proprietary spokes that any old LBS can work with and have stayed stiff and true over the last 12 months use including winter riding, as a bonus they are well under 2kgs too, mine are 1600 grams i think.

    Premier Icon enmac
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    I was in a similar position and went for some Campagnolo Vento’s on special offer. They seem pretty good for the money, on the second ride I managed to drop into a massive pothole by mistake and the wheels shrugged it off. Although they are Campagnolo, they do a version with a Shimano freehub.

    Premier Icon johni
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    Thanks all. I did look for previous posts but hadn’t see that one.

    jimc101, it was a high speed puncture on a steep descent that caused the issue. The rim on my wheel got damaged whilst I tried to stop. The wheel didn’t fail.

    Premier Icon daleftw
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    Personally like, Id be buying the 105 hubs on Open Pro rims from Rose for £160 even if I had triple that budget.

    Premier Icon alibongo001
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    It seems to be sale time for some bike shops (again)

    I managed to get some Shimano RS21’s in the sale in Jan / Feb from Merlin

    It may be me fooling myself but I am sure that they are a bit stiffer than the original wheels on my Specialized allez and they have bladed spokes which must make you faster!

    THink they were 120 for a pair

    Premier Icon snownrock
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    Campagnolo Khamsin. About 1700g, shimano freehub, cartridge hubs and around £115. Very chuffed with mine.

    Premier Icon RustySpanner
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    Shimano are good, my RS30’s were cheap and have lasted well.

    Having said that, I’d get the 105/Open Pro’s as mentioned by Dale above.
    That’s a great price.

    Premier Icon pnik
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    Buy my aksiums? less than 100miles on them, from merlin earlier this year.
    Sorry bit cheeky. Ive found r500s pretty robust, and they are cheap as at merlin.

    Premier Icon mrjmt
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    Just ordered some fulcrum racing 5s from bike discount

    Worked out as £166 including delivery but they’re light and good for that price.

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