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  • dan45a

    I just got some 2013 fulcrum racing 3s for £334, they feel amazingly fast compared to my mavic aksyiums and not a stupid amount of money.

    I’m after a new set of wheels for my road bike. Must be compatible with campag 10sp.

    Budget around £400 max.

    Anything better than Open Pro rims with Record hubs?

    Looking for something that will cope with high mileage rather than something super low weight.

    Premier Icon joat

    Shimano RS80s are £299 at Ribble Cycles ATM. Mine are great.


    shimamo rs80’s excellent!

    Shimano ES80s – not entirely sure that they’re compatible with CAMPAGNOLO

    Premier Icon vinnyeh

    Merlin doing hope 3 /open pro, campy fit for £270. Mind, I asked a similar question yesterday, though for shimano, and am still undecided – there seems to be a bit less love for the open pro than I expected.

    Premier Icon mboy

    Built a pair of DT Swiss 350’s (basically a 240 with a slightly heavier hub shell) on Open Pro’s with DT Comp spoke for a customer a few months ago with a similar brief. Came in just on 1700g the pair, and immensely reliable. The DT 350 hubs are very reasonably priced too for what they are.

    Would probably look at a slightly wider rim next time though. Something like the Velocity A23’s perhaps.

    Or as mentioned above, the Fulcrum Racing 3’s are highly regarded, or the Campag Zonda’s (same wheel iirc with a different logo on it).

    I went for Velocity A23 on hope hubs and have been very happy with them. No special parts so easy to look after for years to come hopefully

    I do think that the wider rim has improved cornering too


    Hope hubs drive me MAD on the road! A23 rims on DT Swiss 350’s sound like a good combo.


    Where can you actually buy the A23 rims? Can’t seem to find them other than from the US. Fancy a non machined sidewall pair for a disc hub build.


    record hubs, ambrosio excellights rims and dt comp spokes

    Premier Icon mboy

    The A23’s are distributed in the UK by BigMama/Brick Lane Bikes.

    There’s a few UK based online wheelbuilders that usually have stock. But any bike shop should be able to order from BigMama if not on account, then by proforma I’m sure.

    They also do the H Plus & Son Archetypes.

    Any more thoughts here?

    Velocity A23’s, or Archetypes if you can afford them.

    Yeh, them Record hubs, or some PMP hubs.


    Love my open pro’s. They’re on the Basic Novatec hubs and they’re fantastic. I prefer sealed cartridge bearings, they’ve been ridden for about 18 months and I haven’t touched them once.


    I have rs80’s which I like, except that in under 700 dry miles the rear wheel cone is knackered. They were a little tight when I got them. A bit of research suggests this is a common occcurence, so you need to make sure they are tightened correctly. I wouldn’t bother with cup and cone bearings again personally.

    Think I’m going to go for pro3 on open pro from merlin. Cant see better quality out there for that money.

    How much are they? Don’t think they come with a campy freehub do they?

    My A23’s on the same hubs were about £370 from JRA. I prefer the wide rims to my open pros, although I’m sure Shimano cup and cone bearings roll faster than the Hopes.

    Get the Campag hubs!

    £268 for the pair and they do come with a campag freehub.

    Bargain for shure! Should be a good build aswell from Merlin.

    You can spend the money saved on a bike fit!

    You can spend the money saved on a bike fit!

    The festival is over. Save your comedy genius for next year.


    A little tip/advice re Hope Hubs (this is a serious matter by the way, not to be confused with getting fitted)

    After a bit of riding (a few weeks maybe), I’ve noticed that the hubs appear to develop a bit of side to side play. Not exactly sure what cause this, but tightening up the QR’s and then riding a bit more (a few days/weeks) seems to cure it and it disappears altogether.

    Completely free advice, and I didn’t even need to get the goniometer out!

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