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    I want a new pair of road wheels and have £400 ish to spend to replace the fairly average ones that came as standard on my road bike. I don’t race so don’t want light weight above all else, I just want a nice pair of wheels that will last reasonably well and that I won’t need to replace in a years time.

    My first look suggested either the Planet X carbon jobbies or perhaps some Mavic’s of some variety, Ksyrium Equipe S seem about the right level. I’ve also looked at some Hope Hoops.

    Am I on the right lines? I should add they will need to take a Shimano cassette but I would rather not have Shimano wheels as I just don’t like cup and cone bearings.


    Just go for whatever low profile Mavic factory build fit your budget, or hope hoops with stans alpha if you want handbuilts


    Ksyriums are nice and strong. I’ve done 4500 miles on terrible roads on my SLs and they are still perfect.


    Mavic Ksyrium Elites would be my choice, they are quite a stiff wheelset though so can expose a harsh riding frame that more flexy wheels mask. The Shimano wheelsets are more flexy but a decent alternative (6700s should be well within budget).
    Alternative look at handbuilts if you want something to last for years (easier spoke and rim replacement). Something like an Ultegra hub and Stans Alpha or Mavic Open Pro rims should be in budget

    Beware the Alpha rims, I found them to be very soft in any less than 32h. I’d stick to something nice and hand built for that sort of money, the Hopes on Open Pro’s are a fine place to start, they do a Hoops version which is great VFM.


    Pro-lite Braccianos? I have some and they feel great. Easily serviced hubs too, a bit like Hopes.


    Fulcrum racing 3?


    Campagnolo Neutron. Light-ish, aero-ish, comfortable and reliable.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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