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  • Road tyres – speed vs girth ;-)
  • tomlevell
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    32 GP5000 tubeless. I’m assuming they are a touch slower on our usual sporting TT course but I’ve been slower anyway this year so can’t tell. Small gain in weight over 28s. About 50g a wheel also fixed a slight front wheel flutter at high speed.
    They are also scary downhill. Accidently started knocking out records on downhills compared to the old bike on 25s.

    I’d not bother with smaller unless I was already ticking all the fitness and aero boxes.
    Oh and settled on about 60 psi for speed/comfort.

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    unless physics is being marketed differently these days

    it’s just better understood I think, rather than being reduced to “thinner > moar aero > faster” no matter what the circumstances 😃

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    it’s just better understood I think

    Or rather a fuller consideration of all the potential losses is now used, whereas before the models used were missing some key losses.

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    Just watched the GCN video… and OK I get it, it looks like I should be on 30C…but then when I check out the prices to ‘upgrade’ to the modern equivalent of my decade old sub 6Kg TDF style race bike, I think, ‘nah’ am fine for a while yet…

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    If one bonus we’re talking about is comfort, shouldn’t we also be looking at the TPI count of a tyre. Higher TPI is sposed to have more flex and will be more comfortable than same size tyre w lower TPI, but will be more spendy.

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    If one bonus we’re talking about is comfort, shouldn’t we also be looking at the TPI count of a tyre

    And watch out for the tyres specced with 200+ TPI. Most bike tyre construction has a max single ply of 120TPI because above this the casing is too prone to damage, but manufacturers quote the TPI differently.
    Conti spec their tyres as e.g. 3/330 (GP5000), i.e 3 plies at 110TPI each. Vittoria use 320TPI (Corsa) and Maxxis 120TPI (High Road).
    The assumption is that they mostly use a 3-ply carcase, but, in 25-622 size, the Conti GP5000S TR is specced 2/220 and at 250g is heavier than the 3/330 GP5000 (225g).
    Then you’ve got the various protection systems, internal rim width (and external width for aero), tubeless v tubed, etc and how that all affects speed and comfort
    Find a tyre that you like that suits your pocket and ride!

Viewing 7 posts - 41 through 47 (of 47 total)

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