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  • I need some new tyres for my SCR2, mainly for commuting duties (24 mile round trip) over ‘B’
    roads. at the moment they are 25mm-will I gain any advantage by getting 23mm’s or will the ride suffergreatly?
    Thinking of Michelin krylion Carbon-any others to consider?


    Not much – You will have a sl faster ride but feel more bumps and likely be more puncture sensitive – I’d go for 4 seasons in 25c IIWY 🙂


    Faster? Unlikely – only contributing factor is lower weight by 20gm or so.

    You will very slightly lower rolling resistance at the same pressure, more comfort but if you go a bit softer.

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    25s are a nice size for general riding.

    I use Vittoria Pavé for year round commuting. Expensive, but I never skimp on tyres. 24c and stick like poop to a blanket.


    I just bought the 23mm krylions for my road bike and like them. Seem pretty puncture resistant when cycling by just cut hedges and fairly cheap off CRC. For commuting I’d be tempted to go with something tougher though.


    25mm GP4Seasons or Mich Krylion. Both very good IME.


    I prefer 25s or 28s for commuting. It’s moot whether they are faster or slower but they are definitely more comfortable.

    For commuting think ‘Paris-Roubaix’ – and you don’t see many 23s being used there 🙂

    Omar Little

    I dont really notice any speed difference between 23 and 25, the comfort issue is very tyre dependent too (presumably to do with the stiffness of the sidewall) – i’ve had 25s with harsher rides than 23s.

    for commuting purposes then armadillos on bontrager hard case have served me well over the years. Neither the greatest riding tyres but good pucture protection


    25 or 28c Conti GP4 seasons – good all round all year tyre.

    I have a 28 gp4s on the rear and a 28c gatorskin on the front.

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    Did 3000 commuting miles on 23mm Krylions with one puncture – switched to 25mm for a bit more comfort – I’m 13 stone. Wider versions were no slower over the commute, or anywhere else, tbh.


    Rolling resistance is shown to be greater on 23mm. With this in mind, and with the greater comfort, I’d go 25mm. Acceleration and wind resistance has no bearing on commuting, you’re not racing. I’ve gone 28mm on my commuter and I got Gatorskins as I couldn’t get hold of 4 seasons. Already had a puncture, so thinking I might go Marathons for next winter.

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    Bontrager 23 Race X Light with the HARDCASE strip are cheap and seem to be very puncture resistant.
    Seem to lock up easily in the wet compared to 23 GatorSkins though.
    The Bontys were very cheap though and have lasted well.


    GP4 seasons seem to be be much better made than the gatorskins

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    Vittoria Rubino 28mm are fast and have a modicum of comfort with a nice dash of puncture protection :mrgreen:


    Anothe GP4 Seasons fan. I run 28mm on the commuter/tourer all year.


    23mm Krylion Carbons for my commuter – they’ve cut up a bit over the winter but nothing terminal just the odd gash
    they’re a damn sight cheaper than Conti GPs though, which I might try next


    Conti GP4000’s for me, 25mm.

    Reliability, endurance and puncture resistance are surely the most important things for commuting.


    I’ve gone 28mm on my commuter and I got Gatorskins as I couldn’t get hold of 4 seasons. Already had a puncture, so thinking I might go Marathons for next winter.

    Have switched from Gatorskins to Marathon Plus for this winter….. whilst I’ve not had a puncture yet, they are slower, have much less feel and grip is lower esp. in the wet. Think I’m going to try Durano Plus next time as compromise.

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