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  • Road Tubeless Did Its Thing, but What Next Please?
  • dpfr
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    I bought myself a shiny new road bike about 4 months ago, which came with tubeless tyres. One punctured this afternoon and after hosing sealant about for a minute or two, it sealed and I rode home happily.

    But what next please? The tyre isn’t heavily worn and I guess it lost about 5-10 ml of sealant. The pressure had dropped from 63 to 39 psi. I think I can see a cut in the tyre- in the middle of the tread- about 1 mm long, but even when I put the pressure up to 70 psi there was no further leakage.

    Do I need to patch the tyre? Plug the puncture? Add more sealant- if so can I mix them, because I don’t know what it came with? Or can I just ignore all this and keep on riding?

    Many thanks for any advice

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    On the road bike I always use a patch on the inside,  top up the sealant, then carry on riding…

    Mixing sealants won’t hurt i guess, but in the process of taking the tyre off and patching it, I replaced the sealant too, just cos I’m fussy like that

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    If it’s holding pressure at the required, er, pressure, don’t worry about patching it. Stick some more stuff in if you like, I probably wouldn’t bother.

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    Shiny bike + it took a bit to seal dictates a patch, imho.

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    Gosh, this was me today. Same scenario but when I got home I noticed a wee bit of sealant  starting to weep through the hole, fired in a Dynaplug (can’t believe how easy to use) and all looks well.

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    Patch it if you can be bothered. If it was me, I’d top up sealant and just ride it – then think about patching if it sprung a leak again.

    I’m sure I can construct an argument that a patch affects the tyre pliability non-uniformly and so my lazy option is best 😉

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    I’m with the fella above. Squirt some more sealant in via the valve, pump to your desired pressure, and get on riding again.

    (I did end up swapping my tyre out on the most recent (and 1st one ever) puncture onnrhe gravel bike. But that was because it wasn’t sealing at the impact point above 30psi  (it would inflate, stay at 50-60psi for about 30 secs, then blow out again at the very same spot on the tyre, right on the bead)).

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    I mixed orange seal sealant with Stan’s. It left horrible sticky mess inside the tyres.

    I just use stan’s now.

    Id suggest

    A) Can you speak to wherever you bought the bike from, find out what it came with and use that again

    B) clean it all out with paper towel and refil with normal stuff

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    I’d try plugging it and topping up the sealant. When I last ran tubeless on the road, the latex plug would blow out a mile or two down the road after I pumped it up at home to about 70 psi. The technology is really good for maintaining about half that. And wipe down your frame too.

    I’ve gone back to latex inner tubes and tyres I can remove by hand 🤣

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    What you do next is probably determined by how easy it is to remove and remount the tyres…

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    If I was worried about it popping again, I’d put a tiny bit of superglue into the cut along with some rubber shavings from an old inner tube, leave it for a few minutes and then partially deflate the tyre and leave it to fully set.

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    There is a type of superglue (vulcanising glue perhaps?) which doesn’t dry hard and crystaline like regular superglue which is meant to be perfect for this situation, I keep meaning to buy some whenever it’s mentioned but always forget.

    Personally I’d grab a tube of that or just leave it if it’s less than about ~3mm or isn’t an actual slice and it’s sealed.

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    The answer was further up.


    If you care, after a week or two take the tyre off and pull the brass tip off. You shouldn’t shift the plug tails doing that.

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    Thanks all. I don’t quite have the confidence just to crack on so plug or patch it is. Removing latex from my right shin has been ‘interesting’- like waxing but worse.

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