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    Have a look at the Stronglight stuff from Spa Cycles.
    I’ve a double on the road bike, it’s excellent.
    The triples look great.

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    Hi, I’ve got an FSA Omega triple (9sp) in silver cluttering up my garage that you can have for ยฃ10 plus postage.

    I’d suggest not fitting a triple though.



    Have been running Ultegra 6603 cranks for 5 years. They’re not as angular in design as the newer stuff, and I can still get spares from Germany. Oddly enough, I have recently picked up some cheap 6750 stuff to convert to compact!

    I rarely use the granny ring, only when things are super steep and my legs are cooked from a day in the saddle. I looked on it more as future-proofing against the ravages of old age. ๐Ÿ˜†


    Dont get a triple – get a compact.. ๐Ÿ˜‰


    I’m in the middle of sourcing some new compact road cranks, and if that wasn’t bad enough to start with, I find I’ve now become road-triple-curious too. So, other than suggesting I don’t fit a triple … ๐Ÿ˜› what’s good / not good.

    It’ll be going on a skinny tubed steel road bike, so I’d ideally like something with a more ‘traditional’ appearance than the ‘modern’ Shimano stuff. The transmission is a mix of Shimano 8 & 9 spd parts (using friction shifters, so it all works fine / will work fine). External or Square Taper BB is good – both are working for me.

    … and if that wasn’t enough, can I have some pictures too please to help me visualize how it might look.



    Ride a triple and still rip their legs off – it really annoys them 8)


    I don’t understand why people are so against triples. I wouldn’t have a compact myself. This is my Racelight with an Ultegra triple:

    You still have the nice high gears for blatting along the flats and downhills – I do use the 53/11 combo most rides! – the middle at 39t is “just right” for the hills and the 30t inner great to get up those mega steep W Yorks hills when you are tired or you meet Shibden Wall :YOWSERS: or when loaded up and bit and bimbling along.


    I have a triple and an MTB cassette/mech on my racer..

    An older campag or shimano ultegra series triple looks the best I reckon.

    It’s not as embarassing as using a compact with a 32 tooth rear cassette either!

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    I used to have a triple on my old C’dale R600 – i think 52-39-30 x 11-28. I really like low gears for the odd trip to the Lakes, Helvellyn Tri etc, and I’m a big unfit 14st lump.
    Just bought a Canyon though which came with 50-34 x 11-32, and I much prefer having just the two rings up front, but still keeping the bail out gear. I’ve got a day doing the Fred Whitton Challenge route soon, so happy to take any pish taking on the chin ๐Ÿ˜€
    Personally I prefer the look of the double too.


    I’ve run both compact and triple, and whilst a compact is fine for most the riding I do round here (Surrey/Sussex) I much prefer the triple when I go abroad especially in the Ardennes and the Alps. Admittedly I’ve not tried running a mtb cassette with a compact.


    Ya triple too… not a fashion victim ๐Ÿ™‚

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    I don’t understand why people are so against triples

    I went into it with an open mind, and actually expected a triple to be just what I’d need.

    Found I was changing rings at front all the time though, perhaps due to the undulating but not properly hilly terrain where I used to live. Couldn’t wait to stick a compact on instead.


    I have triples on all my steel road bikes. They are more for touring than fast day riding, so the extra gears are welcome. I seldom use the 52.

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    A vote for Ultegra triple. Mine is an early 10spd and is excellent. I’m not fit and can only keep up with my roadie mates on big climbs with a granny ring. Another mate with a slightly better level of fitness than me switched from triple to compact but struggled with it.
    I you think it might be necessary, why wouldn’t you? People decide what should work for everybody on their own criteria, you decide.
    Oh , there wouldn’t be any point in STW in that case, would there?

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    This is my kind of thread.

    I love old road bikes, but that Secteur above is a thing of beauty.

    Compact with a 28 here, but I struggle at places like Buttertubs/Shibden and round Calderdale.

    Can’t afford new shifters, so an mtb cassette & rear mech next time for me.

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