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  • jimc101

    Do you like hills and how much time do you have?

    Just doing a really quick goole map route, on a lot of 2 and 3 digit A roads, so should be decently maintained, but much quieter than a single digit A road.

    A route going east then south would look like this

    Rochdale (hilly / quiet)
    Hudderfield (quiet)
    Barnsley (quiet /flat)

    On your orginal planned route you only have a short section of A1, thats from the Worksop to East Markam exit that is mainly a 50 limit though Elkesly, and there are services (Little Chef / McDonalds) at East Markam


    i’d come a bit south of that. the a57 is busy but its a good proper climb over from manc to sheffield, and worth doing at least once in our life.

    then straight through sheff, out through attercliffe, under the parkway through catcliffe, dinnington, ranskill, gainsborough to get over the water, then stow, scampton and down burton road into lincoln.

    will get progressively quieter the further east you ride.

    be a nice trip that.


    I’m planning on riding over to the brother in laws house in Lincoln in a couple of weeks. I’m in Bolton. I initially thought about going through manchester over the peaks to worksop and onto Lincoln but this involves going on the A1 and A57 which i don’t want to do. Does anyone have any info of quieter routes around here?? Ta


    cheers fellas.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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