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    There was a thread about this recently.

    Plenty of options both sides, I’ve ridden a bit up in the Haut Jura on the mtb, some nice little roads up/tracks to the peak at Dole or via road to St Cergue/Les Rousses from Nyon on the lake on the Swiss side, plus country roads around medieval towns of Yvoire and Nerniere on french side opposite plus you can take you bike (at a cost) on the numerous ferries which criss cross the lake.

    Riding all the way round I would say is a tick-the-box excersize rather than the best 160k ride you could do in the locality

    You can do some research here for Swiss side


    Not the best ride in my opinion. There’s a main road all the way round that’s a bit busy for bikes. There are various smaller roads roughly running parallel to the main road, but that just means more time looking at maps. And there are cycle lanes. You can also get ferries across the lake so if you run into a problem halfway round, you can usually get across by boat for about 20 Euros.

    So, depending on where you’re staying, there might be more interesting and scenic rides south of the lake, although as you probably know, it gets hilly pretty quickly, and sometimes a flat ride is quite nice, especially if it’s really hot…


    thanks for the replies, most useful.

    Also, that website is great, further evidence that the Swiss always do it well!

    We’re staying SW of Geneva, in Neydens FWIW.

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    You’ve just missed the offical event:

    It’s 180km with virtually no height gain by the offical route which heads away from the lake past Villeneuve for quite a way to stay on proper roads. You can cut the corner just past Villeneuve if you don’t mind riding on gravel / dodging pushchairs..

    The section from St.Gingolph to Evian is pretty lonely, and the road surface in France is notably worse than in Switzerland. For large sections of the route into and out of Geneva you’ll be on wide cycle paths. Some cyclepaths will suddenly veer into the traffic just before junctions and roundabouts so you need to look ahead…The sections on the road past Nyon to Lausanne will have to be single-file if you’re in a group as the road narrows and Swiss drivers don’t like being held up by cyclists…:-)

    If you’re planning to stay in the region and fancy some climbing there are some great roads (and scenery) in the vineyards between Lausanne and Montreux. If you time it right, you can enjoy a wine festival:
    Wine Festival
    Wine Harvest


    Anyone done it? Had a brief look and appears to be around 160km or so on pleasant roads.

    Any experiences would be appreciated!


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