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  • sbob

    If by “do you ride a high horse type of bike?” you mean “do I continually strive to raise my standards of cycling/driving/riding”, then yes.

    Or maybe I’m afforded such a magnificent view from my lofty steed I simply find it easier to spot, and avoid, potential trouble. 😉

    Of course, there are some **** out there that are going to plough into you no matter what your course of action is, save staying in, and even that is no guarantee judging by the mismatched brickwork on the house up the road that is situated on the outside of a bend.

    Stay safe kids.

    Ps. I do sometimes make mistäkes, you know.


    it only takes one poor/inattentive driver to ruin our day/life– so yes self preservation is often heightened whilst on bike/foot etc on roads.

    i live in a semi rural environment, even so, you need to keep yer wits at all times !

    Premier Icon bigad40

    Needs a new door!!!
    It wasn’t being cut up that sent me into a rage but himafter swerving behind pretend ramming. Undertaking swerving in front of me and hitting the brakes. You get the picture.
    In that moment I kicked every car that has ever cut me up on or off the bike! And for every fellow cyclist, motorist or pedstrian I have seen being cut up.

Viewing 3 posts - 46 through 48 (of 48 total)

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