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  • Road pedals
  • Got myself a road bike for a bit of winter riding but now need shoes and pedals. I ride flats off road and these will be my intro to road pedals so anyone got any recommendations?

    I’ve got some spd’s in the spares box, should I just use them?

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    Lots of threads on this very subject, try searching for road pedals.

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    If you’ve got SPD pedals and shoes then give ’em a go. Plenty use them.

    If you’re gonna have to buy a pair of shoes then maybe consider pukka road ones, but if it’s just for winter training I’d be tempted to go for SPDs, but that’s just a personal preference and I’m sure the STW wisdom will beg to differ with me.

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    SPDs are fine just make sure you buy a shoe with a full carbon shank. I have just ridden the Etape (part 2) using my XT SPD pedals

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