Road-ish Tyre(s) for 29er Wheelset… recommondations?

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  • Road-ish Tyre(s) for 29er Wheelset… recommondations?
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    Am in the fortunate position of now having two wheelsets for my 29er and am doing far more road and farm track miles than off-road. I love the Specialized Ground Controls on the main wheelset for off-road duties but fancy some skinner tyres more suited to road and smooth farm tracks – local area (moved several weeks) has miles of this to explore and ride. Something skinnier, bot roadie skinny, and fasterer!

    I gather that some/many road tyres fit 29er rims – spare set of wheels are Shimano MT66’s with a 19mm internal rim width. Not bothered about running these tubeless.

    Any suggestions/recommendations, please?


    panaracer paselas are a great tyre. maybe 28/ 32c width


    I’ve used some Specialized Borough CX in a 700x42c size and they were pretty good. Can be found pretty cheap as well which is a bonus.

    Failing that, there are plenty of choices in the hybrid tyre sector, just have a browse on a few websites and see what tickles your fancy.


    Schwalbe Land Cruiser are not bad on the road having a central rib, and better than you might think off tarmac.

    Also cheap, although shockingly heavy

    Premier Icon scotroutes

    CX tyres of almost any description will do it but be aware that the reduced volume will make those farm tracks seem a lot rougher that they were with the GCs.

    I’ve just bought a set of Marathon Mondial 1.75″ for my soft-road touring

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