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  • travellers rest?

    Premier Icon BigDummy

    That is the most creative excuse for backing out of a fight I have ever read. 🙂


    The internet. Don’t you just love it?


    Honest I would have had a fight with him but….

    Idiots drive cars, idiots walk on the pavement, idiots ride bikes. You want to try riding on my commute mate, you would have a seizure with the amount of folk on bikes I see jumping lights and riding on the pavement. Shit happens. I’d start a fight with them all but I have to get home for my tea.

    Red lights apply to all road users including road cyclists in fluorescent lycra. So has every cyclists in fluorescent lycra you’ve seen on the road jumped a red light.

    Pink and yellow though, euch I understand your incandescent rage I’d have run him down exploratory spinal procedure or no exploratory spinal procedure.

    mrmichaelwright – Member

    travellers rest?

    Yep – you?

    nope, but I jumped the same light on Saturday (no traffic around and I had a pint of Farmers waiting for me at the Ladybower).


    Jeez, relax.

    BigDummy – Member
    That is the most creative excuse for backing out of a fight I have ever read.

    I have many more all equally creative and mostly medial related.

    Jamie – Member
    The internet. Don’t you just love it?

    Yep, if it let’s me find the idiot concerned and explain why his behaviour is going to cause an accident, but hey let’s not let that spoil some holier than thou reason for ignoring the law.


    Do you wear a hat when you drive?


    My choice of deleted words are Honey, Fairy and Hunk.


    Which direction did he jump the lights in? Straight over? Its fairly easy to see what’s coming there.

    and the lights are a relatively recent addition


    As for the dude being abusive well as a seasoned commuter when you hear a car driver shouting at you then its an automatic response to be abusive. Some could well be shouting ‘mmm nice ass’ at me and i’d still give the standard response of ‘**** off you **** prick’ 😉

    but hey let’s not let that spoil some holier than thou reason for ignoring the law

    everyone chooses which laws they obey…


    Relax Roger and get off your high horse.

    Did he inconvenience you or cause you to stop?

    If not why shout at him?

    Premier Icon BigDummy

    I always assume people are admiring my arse, so I just shout “thanks”. 🙂


    What amazes me most about this is that this must be the first time Roger has seen someone on a bike jump a red light. Do you generally drive with your eyes shut?


    “exploratory spinal procedure”?

    Did they take her up to 12 and beyond?


    Jumping red lights is one of the joys of commuting FACT…clearly done at my risk though. As sfb says we choose the laws we obey.


    I don’t jump red light myself and I’m not happy at others doing it, I wouldn’t stock the perp though.


    Pink and yellow, obviously had no taste or was colour blind and may have mistaken the colour of the lights.

    Oh and a few weeks ago to the driver, who shouted naughty words at me for stopping in the red advaced cycle spot at the lights, and the car behind bashed his bumper, all the cyclists i know stop at red lights, as should motorists, so why should i go throught the red light on my road bike.

    Premier Icon sockpuppet

    [foolishly enters fray]

    Jumping red lights is one of the joys of commuting FACT…clearly done at my risk though. As sfb says we choose the laws we obey.

    at your own risk, yes. but then on the day you get it wrong, there’s the car you damage, or the distress to the driver who hits you. all your fault, and you’re the only one who suffers?

    ah, yes, but you can always see the way is clear, and never make errors, hey?

    and you jump the same red lights (you know the ones you can see to be clear) when you’re in the car, do you?

    [regrets wading in already]

    [makes tea]

    To the complete **** wearing pink and yellow and riding along the Hope Valley at around 12.30 today.

    What do you think gives you the right to ride through red light at a junction and then be abusive when someone objects?
    I don’t give a flying **** if you were going nice and fast on a sunny day, you went through a red light.
    Red lights apply to all road users including road cyclists in fluorescent lycra.
    You are an **** of the highest order and will contribute to the general attitude of many motorists, policemen and legislators that all cyclists are like you and are fair game because they have no respect for the law.
    You are everything that is objectionable about arrogant, ignorant and self-centred cyclists.

    If you are local or it is your regular route I will, no doubt, see you again and stop for a chat.
    Unfortunately, I was taking my wife into hospital for an exploratory spinal procedure, otherwise I would done so today.

    Yours in anticipation, a Hope Valley local.

    *personal swear filter applied, add suitable words to your own taste!

    Premier Icon Terrydactyl

    Take a traffic light controlled pedestrian crossing, the pedestrian has crossed over and gone, lights still red, no more pedestrians in sight…..So over I go,no problem…… there?


    Pink and yellow you say? Next time yo see him, stop him and ask where he bought it and let me know?


    chill out! People acting like you do annoy me – if theres no harm being done to yourself (or the driver who shouted) then why do you feel it your
    position to tell them what they can and can’t do?
    As terradactyl says above, whats the harm in jumping a red on a pedestrian crossing where there are clearly no pedestrians? I’m not an idiot and wouldnt cross reds unless i know where i am and know that there is no danger to me or others in doing so. Just step down and stop trying to pretend you are a police officer…

    SockPuppet – think you have hit the nail on the head – I don’t want this muppets injury/death on my conscience. Fortunately, I saw him in time to brake and swing wide, perhaps next time he will meet someone who was not paying attention.


    Any chance the fella simply made a mistake?

    It does happen. My Mrs did it this weekend, and was so guilty about it that she drove to the local nick to grass herself up. However when she got there some twunt who had been behind her at the time, drove past and gave her a mouthful of abuse, which salved her conscience sufficently for her to give up her foolishness and come home.

    Personally I wish she’d carried it through, then I might have got away without doing any DIY this weekend.

    Premier Icon firestarter

    it may ease your lasses back if you get one of these on your horse (extra padded for extreme comfort) 😉


    Like any other community, we cyclists get on here and bemoan other people not respecting the rules on our turf (dogs on bridal ways anyone?), then shrug and give a cheeky wink when we break the rules elsewhere.

    It’s like being on the terraces – “Look at that ref, blatant red card!” about the other team’s tackles, then “It’s all part of the game innit!” when our centre half breaks the femur of the opposing striker.

    Cycling … it’s a funny old game.

    Just back from the hospital and judging by the responses, it seems the guy on the bike was right, popular consent seems to be it is ok to make someone swerve to avoid you as long as you are on a bike, will remember for future ref. I hope he accepts my apologies which I will gladly offer in person if he wants to send me an email.


    I think the point is you’ll probably live longer if you try not to get wound up about things so much.

    Its funny. I usually insist that my wears wears fluorescent lycra while I give her an exploratory spinal procedure.

    Ok perhaps I was a little tetchy bearing in mind where I was heading, but I had one proto cripple in the car, I did not want a second on the bonnet.

    It was his contempt and sheer aggression that wound me up, if it was a mistake what’s up with a wave and a quick “sorry mate!”?

    Back home now with the invalid who, even with the kind offer of the saddle, is not likely to be riding for quite some time even if the big op goes well.

    Off out for a ride now to cool off.

    You didn’t make it clear in your original post that you had to swerve to avoid him, if you had I suspect the responses would have been different.


    Exactly NotoriousP.I.D there was no mention of this ‘swerve’ in the first post, it read like there was an irate driver sitting at the lights.


    Did he just call his wife a “proto cripple” 😯


    I’d have stopped by I had to ream my citrus fruit.

    Digimap – Member

    Did he just call his wife a “proto cripple”

    yes I did, Jane’s description for her current condition – call it gallows humour she is pretty spooked by what may happen and her oddball sense of humour is getting us through this part of life’s challenge.

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