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  • Road cycling in france
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    Seeing as this is a road cycling forum i thought i might bend your ear.

    I cycled Paris once from London. Some of the countryside and villages where amazing. Where did I go? I have no recollection of the route whatsoever.

    Also, i did trans provence a couple of years ago and the mountain  biking was superb. If someone wanted to road bike there, where is a good place to start? Menton i think was the main area.

    Sorry for the vague questions!

    Pomplamousse dan la plage a la biblioteque monge tout rodders

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    Try marmot-tours for inspiration. Even if you don’t do their trips they give you an idea. Other companies will have similar info.

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    There’s a big gang of lads who do a bit of tour over three weeks round a few bits every year, maybe you could join them?

    Premier Icon Ewan
    Free Member is a fantastic site. The owner helped me track down a couple of bike rental places (with decent bikes) out of season, also has good information on routes.

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    London-Paris rides will be pretty well mapped. Just look at ridewithgps or other making sites.
    I think that Cyclist magazine did an article based in or around Menton with rides up into the hills.

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    straight up the Col de la Madone

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    cheers, righto, i appreciate its a broad one. I have no interest in road cycling whatsoever, it genuinely is for a friend son any tips for fantastic places welcome.

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    Cycling in France is bloody lovely, I’m surprised they don’t make a bigger deal of it to be honest 😉

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    Cycling in France is bloody lovely, I’m surprised they don’t make a bigger deal of it to be honest

    +1 my old cycling buddy now lives nr Lodève and spends his time road and mountain biking to his hearts content

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    Yep, Cycling in France is generally ace!
    I’ve done London to Paris via the Avenue Verte route which was great.
    I’ve done a bit around St Malo/Mont St Michel – some of the villages look like they’ve barely changed since WW2.
    I took my bike to the Loire Valley in 2016+2017 and the Dordogne in 2018, also great around both areas.

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    Try Briancon – there is several tour de france climbs there. I had my favourite bike ever there up the col d’izoard.

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    I have experience of France Bike Trips (Vélorizons) and some of the roads to the North of Menton. Not cheap if you go with the supported tours but they also offer self-guided. (It’s rather nice arriving at the top of a 200m col to be offered lunch or snacks before hooning off the other side).

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