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  • eyerideit

    flippinheckler, can you tell me what the cost your build was please?

    My guess is £1400ish

    I missed out on the Addicts that were on sale due to my dithering and am now considered a build your own option.


    @b2b. Helpfully 68mm Engrish so yours should be fine 🙂


    ressurecting this a bit,
    have purchased from another source the CR1 SL, its got a bb86 ?
    what do i need in there for my hollowtechII ultegra cranks?

    There seems to be 4 or 5 different bb’s!
    bb92-41b 86.5 x 41mm
    bb91-41b 86.5 x 41mm
    bb91-41a 86 x 41
    bb91-41b 86.5 x 41
    bb71-41b 86.5 x 41
    then there are these
    SM-FC7800p which are classed as “adaptors” for push fit hollowtech2

    my brain hurts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    if youve had to do yours, any help would be great


    am now also an owner. 🙂
    BB in the end was a sinch. ultegra 6700 went straight into the SM-FC7800 already installed in the frame.

    no downtube adjusters though!

    rides pretty comfy!!!!!!!!!


    Down tube adjusters? You mean for adjusting mechs? You need inline adjusters. They are extra and not part of the frame kit and kaboodle.

    Premier Icon wwaswas

    I didn’t bother with inline or down tube adjusters in the end.

    The front mech I just adjusted the cable at the mech clamp until it was right and the rear mech has an adjuster built in.


    @boblo – no i understand its not frame specific – all the previous frames i had, had downtube adjuster capability – just didnt realise this didnt.

Viewing 8 posts - 441 through 448 (of 448 total)

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