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  • Ashley

    Ultegras I would say at this price range.


    Ultegras are great wheels, lightish, stiff, reliable and strong.


    I seemed to have missed the memo stating that riding road bikes could be fun. I bought one a couple of weeks ago thinking it’d be “for the winter”. Anyhow, I decided to take it out after getting it home and have been hooked since.
    It’s only any entry level bike but I’d already like to put some nice(er) wheels on it 🙂

    I currently have a short list of:
    bontrager Race
    ultegra 6700

    What else should I be looking at for <£250?

    I’d like them to be tubeless so that seems to rule out mavic or fulcrum (I’m a fulcrum fanboy) in that price category. I don’t really want to up the budget as I’m new to this road malarkey and want to enjoy the upgrades over the years.


    Vision T30s are good wheels for the money and with Michelin Pro Race/Endurance 4s at £25 each from Ribble at the moment, they would be a great set up for the “summer”!….


    Planet-X AL30’s are probably as good as those Vision T30’s and over £100 less. AL30’s weigh 1622g without skewers.

    Stans alpha on novatech, cheaper, lighter, probably as aero, and repairable with normal spokes.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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