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  • Road bike sizing question..
  • Premier Icon renton
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    Im looking at buying a road bike to commute on but am not sure how to size them up for correct fit.

    Im 6foot2 and ride an xl turner.

    What sort of size roadbike should I be looking at and how can I tell if it fits correctly or not?



    Premier Icon RustySpanner
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    Most of the websites from the biggies have size charts.
    Should narrow down the choice at least?

    Go and sit on a few, ask LBS?

    Loads of complex fitting guides available but you can’t beat just slinging a leg over one.

    Premier Icon renton
    Free Member

    Thanks for the reply.

    I’ve not really sat on a road Bike so nit sure how they are meant to fit.

    Plus was really looking secondhand so can’t really throw a leg over one?

    Premier Icon PiknMix
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    I’m 6″2 and ride a M/L giant TCR 2, think that equates ~56cm in normal sizes. I usually ride a 19″ HT.

    Premier Icon Kato
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    I’m a long legged 6’1″ and ride a 56cm Specialized

    My MTB’s are 19in

    Premier Icon Blazin-saddles
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    a 6’2 you’d be in 58cm territory. depends on how you like your bikes, I’ve always ridden the road as well as mtb so I like a long top tube, I have an XL Anthem 29 with a 110mm negative stem and a size L TCR Advanced with a 135mm 0 deg stem if that helps any.

    Personally I’d say unless you’ve got really short arms/torso a 56 is too short.

    Premier Icon LardLover
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    Snap, I’m just over 6 foot and ride a 56cm (effective top tube) – compact geometry, I also ride a 55cm traditional geometry frame (long legs – short torso).

    Would still recommend going and slinging a leg over a few, perhaps even hire one to try?

    Premier Icon cynic-al
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    Premier Icon alandavidpetrie79
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    All depends on inside leg & arm measurements.

    Im 6′ 3″ with a 34 / 35″ inside leg, average arm length.

    Even after a trip to my lbs, I opted to go against what they suggested (58cm) & ended up with a 61cm.

    I can honestly say im glad I did – the bike is unbelievably comfortable (Specialized Roubaix)

    Premier Icon tsurani
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    I found this pretty helpful when i was looking

    Premier Icon davidtaylforth
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    Typically, 58cm or less (depending on your flexibility, size of your belly, leg and arm length etc)

    There’s loads of adjustment in saddle/stem/bar position though, so don’t wont to much.

    If you’re unsure, err on the side of caution and go with a smaller size. There’s nothing worse than a road bike that’s to big for you as you’ll end up with your bars as high as your saddle, a short stem and your saddle all the way forward to make it fit.

    But, if it’s just for commuting, what about a hybrid?

    Premier Icon househusband
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    I’ve got a 58cm/XL Scott CR1 and am just a bit shorter than you; I was 6’2″ but seem to have lost an inch in middle-age…

    Renton; you’re at Leuchars now..? Welcome round (fifteen minute drive) if you want to come and have a sit on it.

    Premier Icon captain-slow
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    56/58 and possibly 60 depending on limb lengths and riding style. really important to try a few before spending too much, although bikes bought second hand on ebay can usually be sold second hand on ebay at not too much of a loss…

    Premier Icon renton
    Free Member

    Househusband …. I will take you up on that offer when I get back off this course I’m on in the UK!!

    Had thought aboit a hybrid, I’ve got a carrera subway with 26 inch wheels at the moment and I’m finding it very uncomfortable and cramped compared to my 5 spot! The subway is a 21 inch frame to but visually looks a lot smaller than the spot!

    I may also look at a rigid 29er with slicks to see if that’s any better!

    What hybrids are there aboit?

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