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    After a collision last well I find myself needing the following….

    New front wheel (or 28 spoke rim and rebuild)
    A fork
    Some bar tape (i like bare hands sometimes)

    Bike was about #600 a few years ago so no mega bucks stuff but the bike fits and rides well enough for another year our two s use on 20-50 mile solo rides. Am happy to flatter it a bit.

    I weigh about 95kg at the moment and that is creeping down so I don’t do flimsy but don’t like really heavy clunky stuff either.

    I was wondering about a pair of wheels at about #200 in the sales have to be campag friendly and usable for 9spd with a spacer if needed.

    Anyone got any buy this/avoid that/general guidance.

    Buy #4000 road bike not an option regretably!!!!

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    Whereabouts are you? I’m about the same weight as you, got a pair of old Fulcrum Racing wheels in Campag fit that are pretty much surplus now. 20 front 24 rear spokes, but they’ve not bent under me. Only want about £30 for the pair so maybe not worth posting.


    Shimano 9s is close enough.

    £200 wheels on a £600 bike is a bit of a mis-match.

    Usual sources for forks and wheel, or ebay if on a budget.

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    Pickers am in Hampshire.

    Al I know its a mismatch but with a budget big s front wheel being #55 and the positive impact of saved wheel weight compared to virtually any other upgrade it makes more sense than any other upgrade to me. Even if its incongruous!

    Maybe I will get the lbs to quote to hand build on to the current hub.


    Building a new rim onto a current hub probably isn’t going to be cost effective. You’ll probably be charged £20+ for the rim, around £1 per spoke and £30 to build it. It’s going to be more cost effective to buy a pre-built wheel.

    I don’t agree that £200 is too much to spend on wheels for a £600 bike. You can probably get a set of Mavic Aksiums for £220 and then you’ve got some nice wheels on your bike. When the groupset gets tired, swap that for a better one then save up for a better frame. Before long, you’ve got a good bike bought in instalments.



    Fulcrum Racing 7 (£149 pair) or 5s(£200 pair both come in campag fit options (not surprising as campag make them)

    Click for CRC Racing 7

    bar tape:

    Specialized Roubaix inc Gel pads.

    forks.. loads of options:

    Job done

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    Thanks. I wasnt sure how the costs go on rebuilds as its been a while.


    Ribble Cycles often have some end of line/ex-demo/shop soiled low price forks too.

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    G-D I’m in South Warwickshire so not very close.
    They are Fulcrum 7s, pretty good mechanically and true.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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