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  • Road bike for >£1000? Cyclescheme….
  • sc-xc

    Any ideas? My wife is looking at all the usual suspects:

    [*]Spesh Dolce Elite
    [*]Trek 1.5
    [*]Scott Contessa Speedster
    [*]Planet X
    [*]Genesis Aether or Flyer[/list]

    Anything else we should be looking at?


    Premier Icon Teetosugars


    Plannet X, full Carbon and Ultegra 6700 would get my cash.

    The Focus's on Wiggle would be the only other I'd look at.

    Premier Icon simon_g

    The Planet X carbon/ultegra bike exceeds a grand since they revised their prices, most wheels are out of stock, and they charge £100 for cyclescheme orders (or anything not a direct payment from your employer).

    The Boardmans at Halfords are worth a look if you're not a brand/shop snob.

    Is it for racing or general riding, sportive kind of stuff? Hour or two blasts or all-day rides?


    Cheers, it will be rides of no more than 3-4 hours…

    She likes this one:

    Any idea where we can find a geometry/measurement guide? She has never had a road bike, and if she gets the one from Wiggle she obviously can't try it out for size first

    Thanks again

    Premier Icon Bregante

    do wiggle accept cycles scheme now? when I bought my commuter, Cyclescheme didn't deal with online only retailers (or Halfords – or Evans)


    the variado has a very heavy frame, came out not so good in a cyclingplus recent test of 100 pound bikes, a cannondale with tigra kit came out on top very good frame and ride, even beat the planet x carbon with ultegra
    think it wasthis months mag may be worth look


    forgot to say i have a focus cayo carbon and love it the ribbles come out at a good price as well, friend got one with veloce and is very happy with it

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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