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  • Road – anyone use a mirror?
  • IanW

    Tried them occasionally, seems to be some old man in there.

    As title really! How do you find it? Anything to recommend or avoid?

    Premier Icon 456mocha

    I use on on my commute to give me prior warning of cars before they pass at speed.
    Mine is a cheapy one (off eBay) that plugs into the bar end. It has a plastic mirrored surface and when set right gives a good view of the rear view. Ideally needs gluing as any small bump in the road and I am watching the sky! 🙂


    Tried it. Hated it.
    More dangerous trying to adjust it than not having it.
    That was on a full speed commute. Should be fine for a family Pootle to keep an eye on the kids.


    Only to make sure I’ve shaved the back of my knees properly


    Yes on the tandem, more to keep an eye on the stoker than the cars behind. The Cateye one didn’t need much adjusting. Set and forget.

    Premier Icon Jon Taylor

    Yes, have a tiny cat eye one, mounted around the steerer, below the stem. Never gets adjusted unless I knock it (v occasionally) with my knees when stopped at traffic lights.

    Gives a great view which complements the over-the-shoulder looks.

    Even more helpful when you’re towing/drafting a slower rider behind you.


    Used to have the cateye bar end mirror on my commute, great for riding in traffic. Tightened up sufficiently it never needed adjusting.
    It was great for a quick look to see if it was worth doing a full shoulder check, if something’s there no need. Means less time looking back at cars, you only need to look to make sure it’s safe. Don’t rely on the mirror though, they’re pretty small


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