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  • Rival AXS chainset – converting from 2x to 1x
  • johnny63
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    Hi all,

    Would like to convert a Rival AXS chainset from 2x to 1x – is this just a straightforward case of removing the 2 and fitting the 1 ?

    Spoke to Garbaruk and they say this will work

    But just want to make sure before ordering.

    And if it does work, then anything else I need ?


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    The chainline is unlikely to be as good as with a 1x chainset as the two chainrings are offset from the ideal 1x position.

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    Does anything else use 107BCD chainrings? Why is there yet another size? I’ve just had a clear out and have found 94, 96, 104 and 110 all on the shelf 🙄

    Sorry that’s not answering your query obviously.

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    Emailed SRAM just to check and unfortunately can’t be done as it’s a fixed spider – so will have to find a 1x crankset

    Thanks for the replies all the same

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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