ripped my knobs. need a replacement.

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  • ripped my knobs. need a replacement.
  • alpin

    fettling earlier and noticed that about half the blocks on the outside edge of my all singing, all dancing HR2 3C Exo MaxxTerra are nearly ripped/torn from the carcass.  not too surprising/disappointing seeing as it’d suffered about three months of Finale’s rocks, a month in the Pyrenees and various other outings in Bavaria’s limestone alps.

    they are hanging on, but literally just by a thread. thinking of ditching it and using it as a spare winter tyre for the rear as and when.

    but, what to replace it with?

    another HR2 or something else? going to Slovenia in a little over a week.

    got a DHF out back. DHR for the pro look?

    Bontrager SE5.


    Not sure if you should get a prize or punishment for disguising another ‘what tyre?’ thread.

    Tyres are pretty expensive so why not stick with what you know rather than buy something on the recommendation of a stranger riding in totally different conditions on a different bike half a world away?


    Don’t you just need 2 sets of tyres ??

    Something for rock and something for loam given you go to so many different places???



    Yup . Thinking of sticking with the HR2 or go with DHR. Found either for 48€ online.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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