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  • taxi25

    They way some of you Dawkin groupie atheists keep banging on about religion,you must be all closet religious fanatics or something !!
    Ive never seen R.I.P as being relgious. Rest is a respectful way of saying dead, and being dead certainly means you’ve left the pain, sorrow and struggle, that life can be for some, behind you. If you have no religion like me, R.I.P is what your going to get. Whever you deserve it or not.


    I’m guessing the OP has no kids..
    Whatever happens in death, whether I become fertiliser, an angel, part of the cosmic ohm or am reincarnated as God, a unicorn or a pubic louse, it’s still going to be the next time that I get any rest or peace..

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    R,i,P ( Rest in peace) is a respectful phrase acknowledging the dead.

    RIP, WTF ? Is possibly the least respectful post title, I’ve ever seen , bearing in mind another post on the front pages today.


    How about DAM? (Dead and Missed)

    Good, but I don’t think it captures the spirit (punned you up real good) of this thread in sufficiently snappy terms.

    I propose:

    NARTBTITSBWBNTTHWIMRSMDNRSNR – Not Actually Riding the Big Trails in the Sky but would be nice to think he was if my rigorously scientific mindset did not render such notions repugnant.


    Euro- fair enough, everyone has the right to there own thoughts and opinions-
    No offence taken at your post-
    Just found it amusing!
    Anyway off to watch Dirt again and ride my bike round the living room!
    …. Quietly so not to wake the kids!!!!


    It tends to be the last thing written in your medical notes after your death has been certified. I have never seen it as a religious thing, it’s more a …fare thee well, where ever you may be bound …
    kind of thing, a little touch of humanity, a gentle push into whatever you might think comes next.


    I’m not too sure RIP is used in the context described mainly above in this forum.

    I think it gets used on this forum to announce some ones death. ‘RIP Joe Bloggs’ is more sensitive than ‘Dead Joe Bloggs’. Some times it almost feels that people are racing to post the news first.

    As to what ever comes next, there is nothing, its just odd the human psyche needs/wants to believe there is more


    How can anyone alive know there is nothing? You can believe or not believe but you can’t prove.

    I’m a non believer by the way.


    I have never ever thought of rip as being religious. To me it just means that if they had any troubles in life they are free of them in death.

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