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  • Premier Icon Wookster

    Blimey. Best wishes to his family.

    Premier Icon cliffyc

    Great writer,his opinion always carried a lot of conviction for me.Ride on in heaven Steve.

    Premier Icon Coyote

    Shocked. RIP Steve.

    Premier Icon gnusmas

    Always enjoyed reading his articles, he will be missed 🙁

    Thoughts go out to his family. RIP Steve.

    Premier Icon Bushwacked

    Sad and shocking news – Thoughts go out to his family and friends.

    Premier Icon Woody

    One of the very few writers I would be read without questioning his opinion. Massive amount of knowledge and experience and a huge loss to cycling journalism.

    Condolences to his family and friends.

    Premier Icon lunge

    Like many here I grew up on his words, along with Steve Behr’s pics. I was shocked such an authority was released by MBUK but glad he ended up at and STW as he writing and knowledge was second to none. A sad loss.

    Premier Icon donncha

    Sad news. He has been my favourite bike journalists for 20 years.
    My thoughts are with his family.
    RIP Steve.


    An old friend, an old team mate right through from Muddy Fox to Mint Sauce teams….gonna miss you…..xx


    tragic news, steve was a uk mtb legend.


    I used to draw cartoons as a kid all day long, one day I plucked up the courage to send some drawings into MBUK, must have been 94’ish, I was a massive fan of Mint Source (still am)

    Steve sent a letter back, with all my drawings (they were terrible!)
    but in the nicest possible way said ‘Thanks but no thanks, and stick at it, its great to be inspired by Mountain biking’ really wish I’d kept it as he’d signed it himself.

    He could of just binned them…

    RIP Steve


    Steve was an inspiration to me as a teenager back in the very early 90’s. What a sad, sad loss. RIP.


    I cycled home after my nightshift, early on a gorgeous Bristol morning, still utterly stunned by the news. I didn’t know him personally, although he was a familiar sight on my local trails – but like many on here, I’ve always been a huge fan of his writing, ever since I first picked up a copy of MBUK (late 1989, in my case). Anyway, whilst cycling back (& within sight of Leigh Woods), the following article sprang immediately to mind:

    Another day, another few hundred miles later, and we were again in another distinctly different piece of England: Bristol, port city home to the drum and bass movement as well as Steve Worland, my spirit guide and revered mentor in all things bike. So far we’d gone from the barren and stark beauty of the Yorkshire Dales to the postcard steeps and lakes of the Lake District, then to the quiet and lush backwoods of Wales, and now we found ourselves in a bustling city praying to God that something tragic would happen to our bikes so we could take a day off riding. Looking at our sixth day of saddletime. At the hands of a very fit Master class racer who had a quiet grace in the singletrack that made most of us look like shambling idiots.

    And shamble we did. Steve, one speeding, “recovering” after racing a day previously, took us on a three-hour maze of disorienting, root-strewn singletrack that would have made any Vermonter cry for joy. And handed us our asses. Finally, after we had all crashed hard and ugly at least three times apiece (except Steve: he might have dabbed once), we were allowed to glide to a merciful halt back in the city, in front of a pub, on a glorious bank holiday morning.

    Excerpt from ‘Scheduled Punishment’ by Mike Ferrentino, Bike, March, 1998.

    Premier Icon fatmax

    noteeth, great quote. I’m a huge fan of Ferrentino, so for him to say that about Steve Worland sums up what a legend he was. Been mountain biking since ’88 so followed his stuff through MBUK, MTB Pro and subsequently here and Brilliant writer, and the best kit reviewer – authoritative. Such a sad loss, RIP.

    Premier Icon Bolt

    RIP Steve


    Wow, sad news indeed. Remember his time at MBUK in the 90’s as well and was always a good read.
    Condolences to his family


    I have been reading Steve’s articles since I began mountain biking in the 90s. This is very sad news and a great loss to the cycling community.

    loco motive

    Always very sad to read of an premature departure on STW, but really shocked to hear this news. Just like many others have said, SteveW has been a figure that has been there since I first started riding mountain bikes, and has been a huge influence on the way I think about both bikes and riding. A massive loss to the UK bike scene, journalism and a whole generation of riders. Condolences to his family and friends.

    R.I.P Steve.

    Pete B

    So sad.Gone too soon.

    Condolences to Steves loved ones.

    fatsimon mk2

    Read the news last night still a bit stunned even now RIP Steve


    Real shock to read this. Like many have already said, this guy is a part of my MTB childhood, right from my mum buying me MBUK to keep me entertained round the shops when I was 10 all the way back in ’95.

    RIP. Thoughts with his family and friends.


    So sad to hear this news, remember seeing him on a podium wearing a tie dye shirt, always loved reading his work. Keep on Keepin’ on Steve. 🙁

    Crikey! The only mountain bike journalist I’ve ever enjoyed reading. I’ve met him a couple of times over the years – a really nice bloke. Same age as me, too. Makes one feel more mortal.


    I always loved Steve’s bike tests, always insightful and well written.

    Very sad news. My thoughts are with Steve’s family and tonights ride home will be for Steve.

    Premier Icon Nobby

    RIP Steve – a genuine legend of the sport.


    A monument of mountain biking. Remember him at races like Man v Horse back in the day. Am a bit shocked.

    It’s would be really good to read a full obituary with links to some of his articles and bike reviews.

    Premier Icon jameso

    I only met Steve a few times at shows but I was somehow suprised by how saddened and shocked I was to read this yesterday. A really great guy. He was there in print pretty much as long as I’ve been into bikes. He was a most credible and respected writer and a really passionate rider. On a personal note I always read a review from him as near-gospel, a shared opinion on bikes may bias that but a good review from him meant more to me than any other comment on bikes I’ve been involved in.

    He’ll be missed. Privateer issue 13 is good read – to realise what Steve really wanted bike tests to be about. It worked here.
    Ride on.

    Premier Icon teadrinker

    Truly shocked by this. As others have said I grew up with his work on MBUK etc. Thoughts with family and friends

    RIP Mr Worland.

    Premier Icon cookeaa

    Very sad news.

    Thoughts are with his family and friends.


    Sad, sad news.
    Condolences to his family and friends.

    Premier Icon ratadog

    Very sad.

    Condolences to his friends and family.


    That is tragic. Such a nice, modest guy, to die so young and suddenly. My condolences to his family and friends. I met him on holiday once (cycling, obviously) and he was super nice. Most of my bike purchases have an element of his recommendation in them somewhere. RIP.

    So sorry to hear this terrible news , pedal on in those heavenly trails Steve , you will be so missed by so many , thoughts to all those left behind .


    There’s a piece in the local paper. It says there will be a a memorial run at Ashton Court next Saturday at 9am

    Premier Icon racemonkey

    If there’s going to be a memorial run then I’m gonna go up to Ashton Court for 9am next Saturday morning and do a few laps on the bike.

    I rode in some local races there years back and found out Steve had also been there when I saw the results.

    Obviously he finished way in front of me.

    RIP Steve


    The shock for his family and friends must be terrible and my thoughts and prayers are for them.

    I feel deeply saddened by this news and like many of you, have followed his articles, reviews and musings since what feels and is like decades. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed his more recent involvement in STW, finding great resonance in his words. Someone I would have loved to have met to share a ride, shoot the breeze and learn from.

    Tragic news and to all who knew and respected and loved him, my heartfelt sympathies.

    He rests in peace, surrounded and immersed in love.

    Premier Icon faustus

    Tragic news indeed. Of small consolation to his family, but the mtb community shares their pain.

    He was one of the very few mtb journos who I thoroughly respected their opinion. He was a good writer, and his recent work for ST was really enjoyable. His experience and attitude made for really engaging – and wise – pieces. He had a refreshingly aloof attitude to marketing driven, hype-fuelled reviews, and helped to keep people grounded to the essentials of riding: just bloody ride and enjoy it.

    There must be many people who have gone out for a reflective ride over the past few days, and that seems like a fitting honour.


    Memorial run? Maybe we should have Worland Day every year. The bloke touched so many peoples biking lives,in one way or another, it would seem unreasonable not to.

    Premier Icon mudfish

    Goodbye Steve, we’ll miss you


    Maybe we should have Worland Day every year.

    Agree, though my idea on the Other Channel (you thieving git) was Worland Week – ride like you stole it for the first week of Spring – all week. Everywhere…

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