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  • Arsenal season ticket.

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    Most Orange bikes.

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    OTOH you can buy a brand new, full carbon Cube full suss with quality parts all over it for not much more than you’d pay for a full carbon frame from other brands, it’s a bit give and take. I think sometimes these kits are more or less a laziness tax.

    Current champion’s the part to repair a Reverb lever imo… £48.98 for the kit, impossible to buy the part that always breaks by itself so you have to buy service parts you don’t need, and it’s fragile by design. Nice.


    Colnago / Cervélo / any “premium” road bike with 105/Tiagra mix and crap R500 wheels for £2.5k


    The official bleed kit for the Avid Elixir brakes that came stock on my Camber was £40. That got you two plastic syringes and a couple of plastic brake blocks / pad spacers which I didn’t need as they already came with the bike. (I didn’t buy it, I sold the brakes and bought some that worked).

    Aftermarket bearings are always the way to go. As long as you know which size you need there shouldn’t be any issues.

    The bearings I can cope with sourcing but the mounting bolts seem Cube specific and you have to buy whole kits to get one little bolt if it breaks.

    I have fallen lucky getting one off someone but would have had to buy a whole kit otherwise or settle for a bodge job.

    Mind you, I think devash is currently winning.

    Sometimes I find it hard to get my head around the cost of some mtb related parts, such as jockey wheels costing nearly as much as a whole new mech.

    Cube, however, seem to be taking things a bit far:

    Now the AMS has been a decent bike but the 4 bar linkage now needs new bearings which Cube kindly provide in kit form with new bolts and washers.

    However they do charge a bit: total cost is just shy of £170 for 12 small bearings and the associated bolts/washers.

    Have just gone and bought a full set of decent bearings for £26.

    What overpriced items have you seen recently?

    SRAM jockey wheels.. Who are they trying to kid? XT ones with ceramic goodness that actually last are £13.

    Frame bearing kits are a weird one. The bearings aren’t the expensive bits in them but the special bolts are. Hats off to the suppliers that sell them as parts, but hats back on to Trek for selling a nut for £8 trade!

    Colnago / Cervélo / any “premium” road bike with 105/Tiagra mix and crap R500 wheels for £2.5k

    My Planet-X RT-58 has Tiagra, and ‘crap’ R501 wheels for £599 🙂


    £14.50 that some stores charge for an X-12 hangar bolt ( plus postage). I have just weighed it- 3 grams.
    Silver rod from my supplier is currently about 85 p per gram. So the bolt is ‘worth’ more than five times its weight in silver

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    Rear maxle for my Trek EX9 £60 for a bloody large quick release

    As it is close to heart right now, Salsa 142×12 alternator dropouts. £170 for these:

    seriously send all your old parts ill reverse engineer them and send you some back for half that

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    As it is close to heart right now, Salsa 142×12 alternator dropouts. £170 for these

    What’s wrong with the normal ones?

    ^^ its a “simply must have latest greatest hub standard” tax. I love salsa but i wondered if they or the distributor priced them that way for a giggle to see if anyoune would actually buy them. The whole frame is only two and a half times as much, and subtract £50 for the maxle that comes with them and they are still £35 more per side[/i] than the rrp for qr ones.

    Otherwise, those open-mould carbon rims for $999 on the front page make you wonder what warranty and margins do to make some of the other stuff on this thread cost so much…

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