RIP Nutmeg, how old's your moggie?

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  • RIP Nutmeg, how old's your moggie?
  • Not cats but Helva our oldest ferret reached 11 (normally go at 7 or 8). Starbuck is now 8.5 and still going strong, running on bitterness, hate and resentment.

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    @Ming – based on Starbuck I still have a long time to run 😆

    Ours is 18ish. We’ve had him 10 years and he was 8ish when we rescued him.

    He’s been off his food lately but we’ve found some new flavours that he likes so fingers crossed for a few more years


    We had a cat called Fatty Arbuckle and he was at least 25.


    We lost two this year. rescue cat brothers and only 6.5 years old. One had a brain tumour and his seizures were getting worse, so had to be put down. Three months later his brother got FIP, a fatal viral infection and also had to be put down. We now have two new kittens, one 9 months and one 3 months, both rescue cats again.


    Mel’s 17 we think. She was roughly 2 when we got her as a rescue cat and we’ve had her 15 years. Still going but her hips are on the way out and she goes from fat-to-skinny-to-fat alarmingly easily. She’s still as happy as ever to see me when I visit (she lives at my parent’s house) so I reckon she’s got another year or so in her before the decision has to be made.


    Ours is 18 or 19 and stone deaf; she mostly just sleeps and eats but seems happy. We’ll be absolutely bereft when she goes!

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    Nero is 9(ish) he was a stray before the rescue centre gold hold of him. He doesn’t seem to be taking well to our new house, there’s some younger, fitter and (he’d hate me saying this) harder cats out there.

    Normally when you move to an area with a few cat’s you’ll see 3-4 of them kicking about but there’s only one other massive tom that appears to control the whole area. Paw old Nero looks like scarface claw at the moment and doesn’t want to go outside at all.

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    We found our two abandoned by the side of a river 10 years ago. They were only tiny at the time (about ten weeks old, we think) and still behave like crazy kittens now. Love them!


    Gizmo left us recently. A couple of months shy of her 21st birthday. She chose us and we had her from about 5 weeks old. still had her blue eyes. Moved from Macclesfield to the Isle of Man then back to Cumbria. A well traveled pussy and absolutely devastated when we lost her 😥

    19 when we put ours to sleep last November. A rescue Cat. Brought me to tears driving home after the euthanasia.

    A well loved cat by the whole family, who gave it back in bucketfuls.

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    We had a cat live until she was 23; through sheer bloody-mindedness, I’m sure.

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