RIP Neil Peart

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  • RIP Neil Peart
  • Premier Icon CheesybeanZ

    A great drummer, writer and performer .

    RIP .


    Aye opened a bottle of red and stuck on Moving Pictures. A real talent.

    Premier Icon zippykona
    Premier Icon kennyp

    My favourite band for 44 years now. I knew they would never tour again but this came out the blue. Am off to have a stiff drink and play back some of his great drum solos. And to listen to some of his superb lyrics.

    Premier Icon Scapegoat

    Sadder still to watch it die
    Than never to have known it

    RIP a truly great musician.

    Premier Icon leffeboy

    Oh 😞

    He could really play, a great source of happiness


    Sad news indeed.


    i had no idea he had died until i saw this thread.

    i was lucky to see rush 5 times and they were always bloody awesome.

    the first time i saw them was 2004 at the nec.

    it was a mindblowing gig fo me (i was suffering with bad depression at the time and really needed the gig as rush are one of my fav bands).

    when neil did his solo spot my jaw dropped to the floor. he was a bloody machine lol

    the whole gig was fantstic as well as all the others too.

    man this news **** sucks

    rip neil peart 😥

    Premier Icon slackalice

    Sad sad news.


    First gig I ever went to…May/June ? 1980 at Deeside Leisure Centre for Permanent Waves tour. Skipped out of my Religious Education O-level exam…

    Premier Icon Sandwich

    The soundtrack to our honeymoon was Signals 30 plus years ago. RIP Neil Peart

    Premier Icon martymac

    Like several poster above, I’ve only just heard this.
    I’m genuinely gutted, I didn’t know he was ill.
    First time I heard of rush was when tommy vance played 2112 on the R1 Friday rock show.
    I still regularly listen to it, one of my favourite albums.
    Neil was one of the greatest drummers IMO

    Premier Icon eddiebaby

    Saxonrider is going to be gutted. I’m sure they are his favourite band. 😕

    Premier Icon duckman

    Been a large part of the soundtrack of my life. Godspeed Neil.


    @markgraylish Your story is very similar to mine, I finished my final exam in the morning and caught the bus to Birmingham to see them at the odeon cinema on that tour, blew my mind away.


    I’ve liked them for donkeys years. Saw them two nights running at Wembley arena – must have been 20 years ago now.

    RIP Neil.

    First gig I ever attended – May 15th Birmingham International Arena 1983. (‘Signals’ tour) My CB handle at school was ‘Cygnus X-1’

    RIP. (I imagine him now smiling wryly and turning the key in the ignition)

    Here’s a nice little read from way back:


    I was about 11 or so and found an unmarked cassette tape on the side of the road. Being a broke teen I stopped and picked it up, thinking I could reuse it, but before I did I listened to it. It was a bit garbled and damaged in places, but oh my – loads of really good music, obviously different bands, and pretty much nothing i recognised. One one side at the start was this set of songs (as i thought) by the same band that went on for bloody ages. Took me months to find someone who recognised it as 2112, and have been a fan ever since.

    (and for those wondering, other excellent songs that have stayed with me from that tape include Boston’s more than a feeling, murders on the rue morgue by Maiden, and some early ACDC).

    Premier Icon peteimpreza

    Rest in rock dude.

    Just went to fire up 2112 and on the CD player and realised my entire Rush collection is on vinyl!!

    Currently making full use of my Apple Music subscription.


    Premier Icon MoreCashThanDash

    Hold Your Fire was the first CD I bought. Never became a huge fan but they were a fantastic band.

    Sadly, when you reach 50 a lot of your earlier heroes suddenly become all too mortal

    Suddenly, you were gone
    From all the lives you left your mark upon

    I remember
    How we talked and drank into the misty dawn
    I hear the voices

    We ran by the water on the wet summer lawn
    I see the footprints
    I remember

    I feel the way you would
    I feel the way you would

    Tried to believe but you know it’s no good
    This is something that just can’t be understood

    I remember
    The shouts of joy, skiing fast through the woods
    I hear the echoes

    I learned your love for life
    I feel the way that you would
    I feel your presence
    I remember

    I feel the way you would
    This just can’t be understood

    Premier Icon bikebouy

    Oh, sad news.

    He certainly inspired drummers the world over.

    Being such a talent, it could only be the three of them in Rush.

    Rest well Mr Peart.

    Very sad. Mega drummer.


    Premier Icon SaxonRider

    I heard this news driving back from London late last night. I couldn’t believe it. Peart’s musicianship, his talent, his lyric writing… he was virtually unparalleled.

    Funny enough, I came to Rush late: not least because although as a Canadian they were always on the musical horizon, I just took them for granted. Then when I moved to the UK, I kept getting asked about them. So I listened more closely, and my mind got blown.

    Rest in peace, Mr Peart. May his memory be eternal.

    Premier Icon addy6402

    A sad day, what an immense talent and band (SaxonRiders link above is superb!). RIP Neil.

    Premier Icon rabhill

    Sad sad news, fantastic talent. His books Ghost Rider and Traveling music are well worth a read. He was a mountain biker and liked a whisky- The Maccallan, would have fitted in here then.


    2112, Farewell to Kings and Hemisphereswere always on during my teen years. And Moving Pictures and Permanent Waves. Oh, and Exit Stage Left:


    Signals and Presto are probably my fave Rush Albums. Roll the Bones was the last one I bought, after that it didn’t really work for me. Saw them at Wembley Arena in the 90s, Roll The Bones tour I think.

    Premier Icon GavinB

    Such sad news – was one of my favourite bands in my late teens, although only ever saw them once, in Glasgow about 1987 or so.

    Still get goosebumps thinking about hearing/watching Neil do his drum solo. He broke one of his sticks midway through (the spotlight just caught the broken bit of the stick flying off). He continued the solo WITH ONE STICK, casually tossed the broken bit away, grabbed a spare stick and finished as if nothing had happened! My jaw hit the floor and stayed there for some time.


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