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  • RIP bullheart
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    Thank you Singletrack Towers
    You know why

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    Yeah, nice one.

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    Great post Aziz. Made me cry but I’ll let you off.


    Was only thinking about him today when I picked up his old Inbred from my LBS after me wimping out and getting gears added

    When it gets a bit hard, when your thumb clicks down to an easier gear, think of Bullheart looking down on you, delivering a scathing assessment of your fortitude, probably with some swearing thrown in. 😉


    RIP Bullheart. Lots of love to his wife and family. The world is definitely a poorer place.

    Not been on here for ages and this is what greets me when I do.
    Was part of team bullheart at mayhem all those years ago. Ace weekend and have stayed in touch on and off ever since.been out of touch for a couple of months and I knew it wasn’t looking all that great but it’s still a shock.
    He really was a gent and an absolute inspiration.
    I will miss his updates and his determination and his jokes and just how lovely he was.
    RIP Mark. Ride on.

    Just read aziz’s post. Perfect.
    **** Cancer.


    Never give up and keep trying.

    He gave lessons for all.



    Watched his fight and followed him on Facebook. What a strong and amazing character, an inspiration to us all. Thoughts with Megan and the children at this difficult time. #RIPBullheart

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    Condolences to Meg and the kids.

    I met him on his first post diagnosis LEJOG when he stopped at Glencoe YHA. His face was quite a picture when the village policeman strolled in and asked which one was Mark, but the cake calmed him down again. A doubly hard bastard so he was.

    Thegreatape I remember that day!

    Thank you so much for all these messages. I am reading them all, as are other family members.

    I have posted funeral details on a fresh thread.

    From Mrs Bullheart, aka Megan x

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    I never met Bullheart & only ‘knew’ him through his posts on here, but his passing has really saddened me – I can only imagine what his family are going through.

    He seemed like one of those indestructible characters who would keep bulldozing through life’s challenges forever, just brushing the dust off his shoulder & carrying on – in the same way I suppose that you imagine your TV heroes are gonna be around always; it’s like some kind of unspoken rule that every so often he would be back with an update post of how things are going & deliver it in a matter-of-fact way, in the same way that I might talk about putting a plaster on a cut finger, or stubbing my toe on the leg of the bed.

    RIP Bullheart. The world is a lesser place without you.

    Best Wishes & my condolences to you Megan, and your family.

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    I’m another who only new Mark through the forum, however his energy, commitment and sheer bloody-minded humanity shone through the screen. He didn’t ask to be confronted with what he had, but the way he reacted, fought, shared and educated was inspirational to me and many, many others on here and elsewhere. RIP and my thoughts and condolences to his family


    Those that know me will know it doesn’t happen often but I’ve been lost for words on this one since news broke.

    Like many i only knew Mark through here , Like many I wondered if we would ever see this day he was sure not making it easy for C.

    The power of the human mind is incredible and I’d become to believe that Mark had through fortitude become immune to adversity. Mark by his own words was not special but had seen off so much, so much that individually would have had lesser men long ago – he has proven in my mind anyway that the human mind in fight or flight is an incredibly powerful thing.

    My condolences to family and friends You should all be very proud of him .

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    I received a message from Bullheart last july/August. He read my post when Lyanda passed away and wanted to meet me and buy me and the kids some chips when they were down this way. I replied to him saying it would be an honour and a pleasure to meet him and to let me know when and we would meet up.

    This unfortunately didn’t happen. After reading all the posts on here I have decided to post the initial message he sent. Not that it needs saying, but it just shows how selfless, compassionate and genuine Bullheart was. I really wish I had the opportunity to have met him.

    Meg, even though we never met, if you need a chat or anything please get in touch with me. If you have access to Bullheart’s STW account, I sent him my number. If not, I will happily send it to you. If you ever find yourself down Carmarthen way, i would love to meet you and the kids and buy you all some chips, it’s the least I can do.

    Again, sincerest condolences to you all.


    My name is Mark, and a long long time ago the good people of STW helped me out when I had just been informed that I was terminally ill. For the record, I’m not comparing it to your current situation, because I just don’t think I can even begin to comprehend what you are going through, but I’ve known the feeling of nothingness and being numb. I’m not even sure as to why I’m contacting you, b because I don’t know what to say other than this; true strength of character is rarely revealed when we are winning – more often than not it comes from utter darkness, when it appears all hope is lost. There’s something is the content of your posts that makes me suspect you’re the type of individual that will get through, over time, and in the process keep those under your care safe and loved. It won’t seem that way now, but slowly over time you’ll understand.

    I’m over your way at the end of August – post chemo pre radiotherapy pootle, so to speak – and if you’re up for it I’ll gladly buy you and the kids a bag of chips. Just let me know.

    Keep going. Don’t stop trying.

    All the best,


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    Did it suddenly get dusty in here?

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    Bugger that’s sad news, RIP Bullheart

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    Gutted by this. Have followed his story for many years. My heart goes out to his friends and family. What a 5hit disease it is.

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    It’s taken a few days to process this & to tell my lad to whom Mark was an inspiration during his bad times. RIP Bullheart you will be missed by many & remembered by all that knew you or were simply touched by your story.

    Thoughts are with all the family.

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    We pmd a few times because we had similar things going on and we were meant to ride together.
    RIP mate.
    Genuinely heartbroken.
    He gave me and my Mrs hope and encouragement.

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    I’m so very sorry – I’ve only just read the news. Our sincere condolences to his family and friends.

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    So sad. What a truly inspirational bloke, like many on here I didn’t know him but followed his story, still clearly remember reading the original post. Sincere condolences to his family and friends.

    I met Mark some years ago on a STW ride in the Surrey Hills along with geetee, ton, Fred and thisisnotaspoon.

    It was early days in the struggle but I was impressed with his matter-of-fact attitude to the situation.

    As we were all chatting and getting ready to ride, nobody was mentioning the elephant in the room so I just asked him where he was at with “the cancer” and we had a talk about it.

    Mark told me later when we were both just riding along together that he was relieved that I’d bought the subject up. He had become fed up with the way people around him had started to tippy-toe around the subject when he found plain discussion preferable and even helpful with his fightback.

    Ten years kick-arse survival against a six-month prognosis.

    Way to go chap, way to go.

    Hopefully he’s enjoying some nice trails in MTB heaven. Rest well.

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    RIP Bullheart, may the wind be forever on your back and the sun on your face.

    Not been on STW for a while, so very sorry to read this, condolences to his family.

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    Sorry to hear this, rest in peace. And thoughts to the family.

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    Sad news, RIP.


    It’s been a couple of years since I’ve logged in to the forum but I still visit, usually when I need to give my faith in humanity a little boost. When I saw the news yesterday I was so sad . . . for Mark, his family and also for the singletrack community who never once doubted that he’d kick cancer’s sorry ass out of the park. I wanted to post something but what to say? I’ve logged back in today to say thank you Az for summing up perfectly the strength of the man, but also to say a massive thank you to all the singletrack folk for just being there for so so many. You have all helped far more than you know. Take care . . . Big hugs xxx

    Ride in peace big man!

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