RIP bullheart

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  • RIP bullheart
  • vanilla83

    Absolutely gutted to hear this.

    RIP Mark


    I didn’t meet him, but spoke online to him once or twice. Am gutted.

    RIP you fierce tenacious wonderful man.

    Premier Icon Northwind

    Somehow it just didn’t seem possible he could die, I expected to see him kicking it in the balls forever. Don’t know what to say. RIP man

    Mark/Bullheart was a true legend, my hero, an inspiration to me & many other people as he lived his life to the full.

    I first learnt about Mark from his original post on STW about his potential diagnosis of cancer & I have followed his journey ever since. I was fortunate to meet up with Mark & his crew in August 2010 in a remote lay-by near Okehampton when he was undertaking his John O’Groats to Lands End cycle ride only a very short time around 6 months after his ‘Bovine’ implant & the chemo sessions a remarkable achievement considering the very unusual circumstances but that was Mark. At that time I too was on my own Cancer journey & in this regard we shared a common bond.

    I then met up again with Mark & the rest of Team Bullheart at the 2011 Mountain Mayhem event, an amazing weekend with Mark & the team, with lots of laughs, drinking & riding and it also included Az/Fred Dibnah having a Mohawk haircut 🙂 We followed that up with Team Bullheart at the Bontrager 24/12 in 2011 another fun filled weekend with Mark & Team Bullheart raising much needed money for the Sarcoma Trust. We enjoyed the Bontrager 24/12 so much that we met up for the 2012 event too which sadly turned into a complete mudfest with the biblical rains that weekend 🙂

    I was always in awe of Mark & how he never let his condition get in the way of leading his life to the full. He inspired me in my own battle & I am a stronger person for knowing him. Today I shed a tear for the passing of a truly great man & I hope that the great bikeshed in the sky are ready for Bullheart & all his shizzle.

    My thoughts are with his wife & two daughters


    I met him a few times. Lovely bloke.
    Genuinely upset at this.
    Rest in peace chap. Love ya.


    Gutted to hear the news:-) he was a riding legend in my eyes shared a beer and a chat at SSUK17 I will never forget the guy #bullheart to the end.


    RIP Bullheart

    Only met him once, yonks ago, incredibly brave fighter and a legend of this forum! Sorry to hear of his passing, thoughts to his friends and family etc.

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    Sad news, he was a fighter all right.

    Condolences to his family and friends.


    **** cancer – and for the purposes of this thread the swear filter, ban hammer and other such devices.

    There is likely very little we can do to help out his wife, family, kids, but if there is then I am sure this forum can pull together for the cause. Sad news.

    I first met Mark at Swinley where he was smashing his rear wheel into a dialled bike frame with a rock. I was wearing the decent 07 STW race jersey and we chatted out STW aand I ended up riding for Team Bullheart

    We did a team effort at Mountain Mayhem with alot of posters on here. Mark and Az always had an affinity as they shared a similar dark humour and they just semmed to get on. Mark was under going treatment but still gave his utmost , to the point of weeing blood and stopping riding on advise . I rode the final lap for him and will always remember the rest of team cheering me across the line, and Soma-Rich waking me up 1hr early for my night lap.

    Then we raced at Bontrager , firstly a dry year , then the wet year. We even had a ringer in the form of ‘Sharki’ from here who did a very respectable lap. I, as always, supplied the beers and did abit of racing
    The wet year was just wet.

    Mark went on to be a teacher at my nephews ( the Powerkite Twins ) school. Met him at Swinley again but he was not the same man. All the treatments and drugs were obviously having an effect.
    The Ventoux ride report was a draw dropper as I know riders from my roady club who have failed to reach the top

    Great guy who I am lucky enough to have met and ridden with .There is an email epitath for his daughters as an electronic book of rememberance. This thread should be added to it.

    RIP Mark

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    Very sad to hear that. His endlessly positive attitude in the face of adversity will be missed.

    I’ve not been on here for a few years but just heard about this…. Such a Shame. I really thought he’d kicked cancers ass… Such an insperation
    Rip Mark.

    Its a sad day


    I like many others never met bullheart but was moved by the thread on here . He remains agreat example to us all.

    Premier Icon Ambrose

    RIP fellah.


    I always marvelled at his sheer stoicism in face of the continual medical challenges he faced which would have the beating of most other people. His story has obviously inspired many on here, and I assume other groups, communities and networks her was involved with. Thoughts and condolences to his family and friends. RIP Bullheart 🙁


    his words were truly inspirational.
    a loss to humanity.

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    Bullheart is my brother in law. He changed our family in many (good) ways and will leave an unfillable void but also a legacy that most people would dream of. He got me into cycling (singlespeed and fixed naturally), helped me loose weight, gain confidence and taught me to never give up. He also told the most inappropriate stories and jokes whilst my mum was around. Its amazing to read all the replies on this thread.

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    Bah, that’s shite news – so sorry hear the news.
    Followed his story from the first page of his original post. As with others (I never met him), just in awe of him as a person – honest, brave, courageous, funny, determined beyond belief. It seems strange to shed a tear for a man that you’ve never met, but what an incredible fight he put up. 10 years, a wedding, two kids, that didn’t seem in anyway likely from the first diagnosis.
    So RIP Mark (though will always think of you as Bullheart!) – you are an inspiration, and will continue to be.

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    I applaud a life that was lived as if each day was it’s last.

    Chapeau Mark for keeping the beast at bay for as long as you did.


    He was a hero.

    RIP mark.

    Rachel x

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    Inspirational indeed. A,axing fella. RIP, Mark, and love to all the family.


    Thanks for sharing joshjenkinsshaw. Huge sympathies to your entire family – a massive loss. All hail those present and departed that grate the gears of a M-i-L 🙂

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    RIP Mark, an inspiration for sure.

    Premier Icon cloudnine

    Very sad news. A truly courageous fight and an inspiration to many.
    Life runs up and kicks us all in the balls at some point. Im sure Mark had steel ones. RIP champ.


    Oh damn crap news. Followed his fight and was inspired by his attitude. As people have said one of the good ones!


    Very sad to hear this. I never met Mark but followed his story on here and know of him as a long terms STW’er. condolences to his family and evreyone close to him…..

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    Mark was someone i never met, but he was a legend and the cycling world will be a poorer place for not having him in it.

    When Mark and Meg got married, my lovely, kind friend Chris (Marsdenman from here) drove miles from his home in Marsden to the Southwest to be Mark and Megs wedding photographer. Chris didn’t charge. I was lucky enough to be shown the photos later.
    Mark and Meg looked absolutely beautiful and were so happy.
    Sadly Chris was diagnosed with cancer and a few years later he too died. Mark gave Chris lots of advice, hope, support and encouragement. All this meant so much to Chris.

    Mark came across as a selfless, compassionate, kind and genuine person on here and I am thinking of his family at this terrible time.

    Bunnyhop x

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    Thinking of his family. **** cancer 🤬

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    I never met Mark, but he was someone that I found inspirational. His openness, strength, persistence and courage – all were and will be something I continue to hold in tremendous regard.

    Even from a distance – Mark was clearly a special person and my thoughts are so very much with those who hold him dear.

    Ride free Mark.

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    Sorry, also cancer can go **** itself.


    Thats at is really sad news.

    I remember back to when he posted about his diagnosis. Very brave fella’.

    RIP Mark.


    Logged on to post something trivial about music and saw this sticky thread. Such sad news. Never met him but read followed his posts and was always amazed by his candour, bravery and determination to carry on fighting. Nothing to add, but puts my own current issues into context. RIP.

    I don’t want to intrude at this very sensitive time but if someone close to the family, maybe joshjenkinsshaw?, could post up the arrangements for Mark’s funeral in due course I would be very grateful as I would like to pay my respects in person after all the help Mark gave to me.


    Tears here – a very sad day. R.I.P. bullheart.

    Premier Icon scaredypants

    Been dreading this for ages

    Every time a new thread appeared – and then instead that daft, stubborn sod would be on it, telling jokes about his “illness”. Even this title. after the first “noooo” my second thought/hope was that it was a joke about him getting a new heart and saying goodbye to the old one.

    OK, back to “nooooo” then 🙁

    To any close friends or relatives of Mark who may read this thread, hopefully it’s a tiny bit more evidence of what a character he was. A genuine inspiration to a whole load of cynical gits who’d never met the bloke. I hope you can treasure what must be an entire (ordinary) lifetime’s haul of memories.

    crispy’s comment just up ^ there: I wonder if the family would mind a ride-by of portly MAMILs ? I’d try bloody hard to get there.

    Premier Icon jimmy

    Been expecting this thread for years. The fact it has taken years says so much for his determination. The in-between threads made me laugh, mad and boggled all at once.

    Fk Cancer.


    I never met petes gaff/bullheart but like so many others found his determination incredibly moving and inspirational.

    I haven’t followed recent developments and come to believe that Mark was indestructable, so I’m truly shocked and gutted to hear the tragic news.

    Didn’t Mark set a world record for fighting this very rare form of cancer?

    RIP petes gaff/bullheart/Mark

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