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  • RIP Alan Grant
  • Harry_the_Spider
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    Big part of my childhood.


    Alan Grant 1949-2022

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    RIP and thanks for all the happy childhood reading.

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    Yeah, saw that on the 2000AD instagram feed (accidental confession there). He filled my childhood head with crazy stories‚Ķ my mum banned me from 200AD for a while after seeing how violent some of it was! I‚Äôm a lapsed comics reader but still pick up the odd Dredd compilation ūüôā

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    Drokk ūüôĀ

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    He filled my childhood head with crazy stories… my mum banned me from 200AD for a while after seeing how violent some of it was!

    Ah not forgetting the subversive nature of it and the politics ūüôā
    (Funny how it’s always the violence that caught the parents eye)

    The apocalypse war was classic and the Strontium dog, tbh it was all class stuff.

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    A story that I can still remember for years back, when Dredd himself started to question the nature of The State.

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    Very sad loss as Alan was such a larger than life character you couldn’t help but get drawn into conversations with him as he held forth in his corner of the bar, A mate owns the Craigdarroch pub/hotel in Moniaive and sold Alan & Sue a house 10 yards from the pub’s front door (Alan/sue owned a massive sprawling arts & craft house just outside the village but Alans health was deteriorating a number of years ago so they had to move into the village), as I worked in the pub i had the privilege of spending a fair amount of time in their company over the years, he was a huge character in real life and held forth with his fierce intellect on what he saw as societies ills, utterly captivating to get into discussions that often lasted well into the wee hours of the morning. Still can’t really process the news and but I guess it will come to a head over the weekend as I see everyone, so sad for Sue as the pair of them were inseperable but there’s no doubt the village will rally around and the turn out for his funeral and wake will be rather messy, just as Alan wanted it.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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