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  • Rims – I'm so confused.
  • I’ve got flow rims and there bad ass, don’t weight loads, strong as you like and tyres glide on and off(at least schwalbe and continental).

    Hope that helps


    Having used Mavics for years Stans are a bit of a revelation. I love how wide they are, they seem to be a bit stronger and a bit lighter, and if you’re running tubeless they make it really easy to inflate your tyre. The equivalent to a 719 would be an Arch.

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    I would like some new kinda light, reasonably strong, not too expensive wheels. Choosing hubs seems easy, but I’ve no idea which rims are best. The bike is a BFe and I consider myself an “All Mountain rider”. Not racing or xc, not flat out downhill or 6 foot drops, but I do like my smallish 2-3′ drops and downhill trails (at a reasonably slow pace). I tend to run 2.35 High Rollers and I weigh 14 stone.

    I figure Mavic 719 rims are what I need. But what are the equivalent Stan’s rims? I don’t intend to run tubeless – are there Stan’s rims hard to get normal tyres onto? Are they much lighter than the Mavic’s?

    All in out much appreciated.

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    Go for SSC Sentiniel or Tactic. For the money they are ACE!!!



    arch ex.


    and I weigh 100kg and ride like a bag of spuds.

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    Flow ex. They make a great build.
    Easy to go tubeless should you ever want to.

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    I have a Hope build on Mavic XM719’s it’s a custom build from my LBS.

    They are strong, light and still true. Tubless was a piece of cake, only needing valves and yellow tape to go up. Width wise they hold a nice shape on Minion 2.35’s, HRII’s and Ardent’s.


    Similar wheel and riding situation I was in a few weeks ago and I ended up with mavic sx wheels but while looking I took width and tubless into consideration, i’d moved from zesty to slackline. Extra width provides the better footprint and I can run a lower tyre pressures which softens things out, which I need 🙂

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