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    What about Stans?


    I’m looking for rims for 29er single speed XC racing, marathons and XCO, too.

    What do You suggest?

    What about these:
    – Mavic TN 719 Disc Rim 29
    – Gipiemme Kenya
    – DT 470
    – Sun Inferno 23 29er

    Or… what else?



    Stans are a little bit pricy…



    the mavics are ok, I have some Bonty mustangs which last surprisingly well

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    I’m specing up a geared 29er for the same type of use but I can’t get past stan’s crest personally.

    bent udder

    Crests here – Hope hoops, run singlespeed. Good so far. 355s (The predecessor of the Crest) on my 26″ singlespeed have been brilliant, too.


    How about P35’s?

    I’m looking to get some SS wheels built up for a 29er and was going to go for Arch EX’s, but reckon I’ll go with the 35’s to hopefully get a wider print with more grip and comfort.

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    Superstar Sentinel? £40, tubeless ready, not too heavy, decent width. Not tried them but they look good

    pop larkin

    I’ve got p35 ‘s but may be looking to go lighter- anyone got crests they would like to swap?

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    If the Stans are a bit steep then I would have no issue recommending the DT Swiss 470’s. Light enough, cheap enough and they will work tubeless too.

    And the build up fine.

    I have also heard good things about the Pacentini rims but have never used them.

    +1 for DT470’s. Not touched mine in 2 years singlespeeding with them.

    Now got Stans Rapide rims (OEM Crests with eyelets) and they’re good as well.

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    Go as wide as possible to get nice float from your tyre.

    That outweighs any extra rim weight – it’s a 29er not a road bike.

    instant hit

    I have the mavics on my singlespeed with hope hubs, great wheeel and no problems.

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    Shimano XT 29er rims on my SS. Well priced, and pretty light, and runs tubeless easily. But you will need a center lock rotor.


    I’ve got crests on my 29’er ht.

    XT’s seem to be good too


    Very pleased with my tn 719’s seem bomb proof, but given the choice again I’d go wider, maybe p35’s, just gives you much more tyre choice

    I’m close to ordering some Halo Vapours for their tubelessness as my current rims (older Halo and DT Swiss) leave tyres too slack. Anyone tried the Vapours yet?

Viewing 17 posts - 1 through 17 (of 17 total)

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