Rigid 650b reccomendations pls.

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  • Rigid 650b reccomendations pls.
  • Blower

    hello all.

    bit of a long shot..

    im after a 650b steel rigid bike thats built solid and good geometry ie slack enough

    its only for trail riding and down hill etc…so want it as above really.which i dont think there is owt out there i can find..off the shelf with that wheel size and built heavy>?

    last years Kona unit i think.. well as in 650b but build might be a bit lacking for abuse..


    I think Surlys newer Karate Monkeys come in a geared 650b build, though not as cheap as they used to be.

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    On One Bootzipper with a 2 degree slackerizer headset fitted slack enough?

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    Bfe with a suitable fork?


    Yeah probably a Cotic Bfe is your best shot. Get in touch with Cotic and they might be able to do you a complete build with a suitable fork.


    Bit out of my depth here, but would an Onza Jackpot work if you sold the sus. fork to fund a rigid?

    @blower – i’d deffo have that fork off you mate, shag said you were not riding as much? How’s life in udders buddy? fancy a catch up soon? rob (j)

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    Stooge MK3 was built for 27.5+. Second only now, there’s one for sale on the Steel is Real Facebook page.

    If 29+ is your thing then a Stooge MK4. Slightly different animal, but so much fun going downwards. It certainly doesn’t feel unwieldy even with big rubber.


    yo people thanks for replies.

    im keeping my full suss..robj lol… i had bit of time off a bit back off bike but i needed it..but been back a while on bike yeah think had a bout a year off in total.

    never thought about a bfe hmm good idea maybe..ive had one in past as hardtail well very first one that came out.
    the surly look real nice i must say.. big range too they have,

    ill loook at that onza now and stooge

    ive looked at the bootzipper and not sure on that one,well the (theirs)build would not be strong enough so would haave to build my own,dunno if its up to the job but yes good idea with the headset and would need a long fork as long as frame up to the job good price the on ones are


    Ive got a 29er bootzipper and like it very much (its only been out once mind)
    Foolishly took it down the usual haunts tracks with people on enduro bikes. I went slow, got beaten up and suffered. But I didnt die and fun was had by all.
    I didnt feel it needed to be any slacker. Unlike a suspended bike Its not dropping into its travel under load, which effectively steepens the bike up at the worst moments. youll probably be going slower than normal too, and might appreciate the livelier handling to pick around stuff you would normally drop your heels and bulldoze over.

    My FS is a Five29.


    know ya saying man i grew up on rigids before any suspension was available for ATB’s..

    i have got a rigid on-one had years but its **** now..
    and this ill ride on stuff i ride on other bike so just need it strong build and nice geometry still..
    just dont look at bike parts no more or frames so not sure whats out there at mo..thought id post here


    blimey them onza jackpots can get good deals on and got stuff on i like…

    dunno on the sizing mind… im 5ft 11

    can sell forks then robj yes. thought u meant my full suss i have lol..
    busy so not time to look till now

    Literally just thinking about you mate!!


    well robj im for a stanton switchback 2nd hand now mate. right frame n bike for me really,

    Good choice mate

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