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  • crankboy

    I actually think that is a good idea ,so long as they only get “junior beer” with their meal . Pubs did and can serve a very useful function getting kids to see them as normal and to see social drinking in moderation may remove the mystique and avoid the late teen antisocial binge drinking. Pubs also already have the catering facilities. Pubs are more viable as community hubs than drinking dens.


    Already been done, was an article on breakfast tv a couple of years ago about a school using a pub for lunchtime meals, concensus was, a brilliant idea.
    I,d let them drink weak beer, play darts and arm wrestle.

    Premier Icon Stoner

    I often take my boys to the pub for lunch. Well someone has to be the designated driver.

    Premier Icon stilltortoise

    Don’t see the problem, other than perhaps who’s going to pick up the tab. Most of the pubs that thrive around here do so by welcoming families for food and drink rather than desperately clinging onto the notion of a pub as a drinking den.

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    Its a brill idea. I take my girls to the pub for lunch all the time. When I say lunch, we don’t actually eat there. We have 6-7 pints, get a kebab on the way home, then fall sleep on the sofa half way through eating them.

    Chilli sauce?

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    I used to have a pub lunch during my GCSE’s on a more than regular basis. My best friend and I also had a bar tab! We had a cover story that we were both civvies from the local forces base and no one ever asked any questions.

    I remember one day me and Martyn were in our usual window spot drinking a victorious pint of Guinness (we had just won the crystal maze quiz machine) when in walked our head of department and a few colleagues, we made a very quick shifty out the back.
    How we got away with it for so long (two years) I will never know.

    God bless the Oadby Owl.


    It is an excellent idea in small communities where the school would struggle to provide catering facilities at a reasonable price to a small number of pupils and the local pub, which are often struggling to find day time customers, has catering facilities.



    A mate and I were taken to the pub by the IT teacher in year 11. We just whipped of our ties off and he brought us a pint! He had a couple of Stellers and drove back to school!

    Also, after a parents evening I was in the local with my dad and in walked the PE teacher.


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