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  • Right I'm 36 and "need" a BMX
  • Premier Icon Northwind

    Whereabouts are you? I’ve got the Haro Nyquist I bougth when I was 33 and needed a BMX hanging in the garage, hasn’t moved since I was 34 😉


    I’m out of touch with BMX but it seems quite good for the price. The standard good vale completes to look at are we the people. You might be able to get a full chromoly frame for £250. Buying a BMX second hand is pain the arse IME unless you know the person selling as it tends to be kids who have got board after a few months but want 90% of list price. Much like many mtbers!

    rusty trowel

    Reasonable (and safe) enough place to start. Full cromo frame would be better, but you could always upgrade to a good one later for under £200 if you get into it.
    Not light for racing use but plenty of bike for street/park/trails.
    Big difference in how the 20.6 and 21″ TT will feel, especially if you’ve got long arms.

    Premier Icon flap_jack

    Bloke at work commutes on one. Nearly every component has broken, but the frame is still looking good.

    He is doing 35 miles a day, for which I don’t think it was designed, so I don’t blame the bike.

    He also did the London sportive on it. He looked utterly nuked at the end…



    I know MTB’s and road bike but BMX’s ???

    Is this any good: http://www.socialbikeco.com/bikes/evolve.php

    £250 brand new.

    Im 5’9 and not slight!

    or should I persevere with ebay and Pinkbike?

    Premier Icon Random

    Going off this size chart it might be a little small for you.
    If you have a pump track nearby, got kids or are just thick skinned enough to take the ridicule then definitely buy one, they’re great fun.

    Premier Icon 2unfit2ride


    Is the sort of thing that happens to a 40 year old that thinks they want a BMX, enjoy!

    I was loving it though


    Northwind – notts

    2u2r – no pics mate


    Is a WTP Crysis MUCH better ?


    I wanted a BMX but they always feel like I’m perched on top of them so I got a cruiser. That’s much better. I use it for knobbing about, nipping down the shops and impressing girls with.

    Some people give me strange looks. I suppose you don’t see a 46 year old on a BMX every day but I couldn’t care less. It’s fun.

    Premier Icon Coyote

    Samuri, which one did you go for? I have not only convinced myself I need a cruiser but fully justified it to myself too. Suppose a 47 year old on a BMX will be a rarer sight. 8)


    i was riding my bmx with new wheeels last night at corby. love it

    Premier Icon mboy

    Same situation as the OP (only I’m 33) and really wanna give BMX a go!

    The bike you’ve linked to looks OK for the money, but for not much more seems you can get full cromo frame and 48 spline cranks.

    I’ve been looking at one of these… 2013 Diamondback Forum

    Can get one for a LOT less than the £450 RRP too, there’s a few places selling them for almost cost price right now! Might not win any coolness points with the kids down the skate park, but then neither will being in my 30’s and being totally rubbish on a bike! 😆


    I bought a We The People Arcade from a local indie BMX shop, £250, absolutely love it. I’m 38 and 16 st. We’ve got a couple of ace local tracks where I go (Bolehills being the main one) , not been brave enough to race on it yet. Over 20 years since I rode a BMX but enjoying it. Now it’s winter, I’m probably going to have to brave the indoor park. Not been laughed at yet though (apart from my next door neighbour who saw me coming back from the butchers on it, but he doesn’t count).

    to sum up: Do it.


    If its any use to anyone I have a 20.5tt eastern wolf dog i recently built up but child no2 has just arrived and I’m really enjoying CX so don’t use it I’m about 5’8 and found it fits nice has only been used twice to the chippy, it was built using a mix of second had/new party based around a brand new frame probably looking about 150 posted

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